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Yi'an County Lord looked at him like a fool, and then stood on tiptoe and kissed him on the face. Jiang Yu was ecstatic and hugged her, "Jia Yue, Jia Yue.." · After returning to the mansion of the Duke of Wei, Madam Chou looked at her son like this. She was so frightened that she almost dropped the teacup in her hand. She looked at her husband and son and said with a white face, "Didn't you go to propose marriage?"? Why did you fight again? Or did the three brothers beat you? The more Mrs. Chou thought about it, the more angry she became. "It's just their daughter," she said. "She doesn't treat her son like a human being. Come on, I don't think it's a marriage. It's just a sick girl. What's so rare about it? Is it difficult for our Yuer to marry a wife? Do we have to rely on their family? Jiang Lingwan hurriedly stepped forward and stroked his mother's back. "Don't get angry, mother," he said. "Listen to what Dad and Brother have to say." She glanced at her brother again and saw that although his head was wrapped in gauze, his handsome face was full of spring, as if there was something wrong with his head. Jiang Yu frowned and said discontentedly, "Mother, don't say that about Jia Yue." Jiang Lingwan's eyes lit up. It seems that there is good news. I went to the Princess Mansion and even changed my name. Zhou Shi also said angry words, after all, her son was hurt like this, and grinned, so she couldn't help thinking about it. If her son was beaten silly by the three brothers of the Huo family, she would certainly come to the door to argue. When Mrs. Chou saw that her son was speaking normally, she heaved a sigh of relief and said, "Tell me,Inflatable water park on lake, what's going on?" Jiang Baiyao told the whole story. When Jiang Lingwan heard this, he immediately said happily, "It's not a loss to hit a hole in the head and change a wife." Zhou Shi was so angry that her chest was blocked and she stared at her daughter sideways. Jiang Lingwan shrank his head and dared not speak out. He only winked at his brother and could not help but raise his thumb: Good job, this is what a man should do. Anyway, today so, this Jiang Yu also Yi an county Lord's marriage is settled. This night, Jiang Lingwan slept very well. The elder brother's marriage was settled, and looking at his brother's appearance,Inflatable 5k obstacle, his feelings for the moon were no less than those of Zhou Linlang in his previous life. She secretly rejoiced and rejoiced, at least in the future this Weiguogongfu, will no longer be Zhou Linlang made a miasma. Jiang Lingwan had a good night's sleep, and even dreamed of the scene of Lu Cong marrying her, and. Wedding night. Shy. When he woke up, Jiang Ling's face was ruddy, and no matter how thick-skinned he was, his ears were a little hot. But she knew that this spring dream was a very normal imagination, but unfortunately her mind was not on the love between men and women in her previous life, it was too late to understand, and now she and Lu Cong love each other, some things will naturally affect. It's just a dream. There's nothing to be ashamed of. Last life, she and Lu Cong do intimate things, that is the restricted level. Jiang Lingwan patted his face, feeling that he was not really a young girl, large inflatable water slide ,Inflatable outdoor park, and that there was nothing to be shy about. However, although Lu Cong has a very high understanding of that aspect, and is a person who knows how to study, she still remembers the embarrassing state of Lu Cong on the wedding night. In this life, with her own experience, she might be able to laugh at him. No, she'd better be an innocent young girl quietly. After Jiang Lingwan had breakfast, Loquat handed her the fruit tea in her hand and whispered, "Miss Six, King An has come to our house with his young master." Speaking of Anwang's uncle, she hasn't seen him since the last time she went back to Qionghuatai. As for Zhou Jiheng, as soon as the nine princesses left, they also broke off their contacts. And she heard that a few days ago Zhou Linlang accidentally broke his leg, is recuperating in the house, also did not pretend to see her, after all. The mother and daughter, each more vicious than the other, almost took her to the desert. She is stupid to look at her because her head is squeezed by the door. Jiang Lingwan lacked interest, but Loquat said, ".." He came to propose marriage. Jiang Lingwan's face suddenly changed and he immediately asked, "What did my parents say?" "Don't worry, Miss Liu," said Loquat hurriedly. "I didn't even think about it before I refused." That's good.
"Jiang Lingwan, holding the teacup, took a sip of fruit tea and murmured," Cousin Heng clearly knows my attitude, what's the excitement.. " She did not give Zhou Jiheng any hints in her life, and Zhou Jiheng knew in her heart that she deliberately avoided him, even from the age of four, she no longer got along with him alone. Every time she went back to Anwangfu, she never left her brother. In this way, why did Zhou Jiheng still think about her? Is it because of her face? After a while, the servant girl in front came over and said that Zhou Jiheng wanted to see her. This cousin, meet in broad daylight, and there is a servant girl present, naturally there is nothing to worry about. But Jiang Lingwan did not hesitate at all. "Go and tell Cousin Heng that I'm too busy with my homework to see him," he said to the servant girl. Zhou Jiheng is so clever that he will naturally understand what she means. After that, King An left with Zhou Jiheng. Jiang Lingwan did not take Zhou Jiheng's marriage proposal to heart, as for her parents, as if they were on the same wavelength, did not mention a word in front of her. It's just as well that she pretends not to know, so as not to be embarrassed later. Jiang Lingwan sat on the embroidery pier in front of the window, doing embroidery work stitch by stitch. In her previous life, she refused to calm down to do these things, but now her mind has converged a lot, and she thinks this thing is good. In the future, she will sew a robe for Lu Cong, and fill it up for two lifetimes. She also made little coats and skirts for their children. · Zhou Shi and Jiang Baiyao went into the room. Jiang Baiyao looked at his wife's slightly frowning eyebrows. He quickly raised his hand to smooth the wrinkles between his wife's eyebrows and comforted her by saying, "Don't think too much." Even if King An divorced Song Miaoyi,inflatable floating water park, the 20 years of brotherly love had already produced an irreparable gap. Now he wanted to use his children's marriage to get back together, but he refused for the first time. Jiang Baiyao lovingly hugged his wife into his arms and said, "Ah Jin.." 。