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Acura Miraculous Doctor (Riverside) (9th Jan 23 at 12:56am UTC)
The fifth defense finally broke, and the mysterious flower finally appeared in front, within reach, but Lei Feng did not immediately start, stretched out the index finger. The forefinger touched the petal of the mysterious flower, and the petal trembled like a woman's body. Chapter 1097: The Sixth Needle, Hedao! (Lower) After the woman is moved, just like the mysterious flower at this time, Lei Feng has a feeling that the flower in front of her is no longer a flower, but a beautiful and moving woman. Women like flowers, at this moment, Lei Feng has a deep feeling, fingertips flowing on the petals, like gently sliding a woman's skin that can be broken by blowing, a little cold, a little delicate, but more enjoyment, is joy. Only those who have experienced it know how pleasant it is to gently touch the body of the dream lover! To cherish, but extremely excited. The sixth needle seems to be within reach, but unfortunately, Lei Feng is no longer excited, because he understands that the sixth needle is not so easy to get. The Taiji needle, the Yin and Yang needle, the needle of life and death, the domain, and the yuan in the golden needle of the five elements, as he had expected, actually had some kind of connection. Is this the world of the five elements of the golden needle? In an instant, Lei Feng came up with an absurd idea, then shook his head and laughed, if this is a world of five elements of golden needles, then too incredible. This is clearly a divine realm, which is absolutely possible only when it reaches the realm of gods and men. The array space arranged is absolutely impossible for saints to reach. Remembering why Mr. Wu did not care about the four big families, even when he mentioned the Holy Land, he felt that it was just so-so, and then thinking of each other's surnames, Lei Feng's heart was trembling. Wu Ming! This family is absolutely related to Wu Ming, Lei Feng instantly understood that only Wu Ming's family is qualified to despise everything, because they have enough capital, just the name of the first strong man under the stars, can make everything between heaven and earth lose color. Here is the space left by Wu Ming, the world can control the five elements of the golden needle, and completely control, not their own such a dilettante, even the five elements of the golden needle can not see through, can not touch, only in the critical period of life and death,ultrasonic handheld welder, the golden needle is forced to appear in a completely different situation, this is a complete field of the five-element golden needle, no, it should be said to be the divine world. The divine world derived from the golden needle of the five elements! Lei Feng touched the mysterious flower and saw that the flower had turned into a person's face-the goblin, and then changed again into Pan Xiaoting's face. Eyes gradually blurred, full of tenderness, but after the change of the two, unexpectedly changed again, a girl who was not familiar, but had seen several times, very impressed appeared. Wang Sijia! Lei Feng instantly woke up, Leng Leng looked at the mysterious flowers, the heart doubts, why there will be the shadow of Wang Sijia, is there each other in the heart? Immediately denied that Lei Feng thought she was not the kind of nymphomaniac who was good-looking. Wang Sijia was a good girl, but she already had someone in her heart who could not accommodate other girls. So does Wang Sijia have a special connection with the mysterious flower? Lei Feng had no time to think, because the mysterious flowers changed again, autumn came, the flowers began to wither, the surrounding fantasy changed, surrounded by maple forests, maple leaves all over the sky, a red sky. Suddenly a gust of autumn wind blows, ultrasonic dispersion machine ,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, pieces of maple leaves fall, like petals, there is water under the maple forest, winding, do not know where to extend. Maple leaves fall in the water, drifting with the tide, everything is so natural, harmonious, it seems that this is the Tao, maple leaves and heaven and earth are integrated, regardless of each other, not who possesses who, not who conquers who, but the two blend with each other, Yin and Yang, Taiji generation. Tao gives birth to one, one to two, two to three, and three to all things! Lei Feng began to field this way, gradually closed his eyes, immersed in a beautiful understanding, the body has changed, suffused with a faint golden light. And it seems that in the distant starry sky, it is impossible to reach the place, the stone, the yellowing animal skin moved, was blown up by a gust of wind, floating, came to the front of Lei Feng. The animal skin is the animal skin, but is different, each time flutters above appears a word, when comes to Lei Feng's side, above is engraved with the mark.
This is not painted by hand, but branded with invincible spiritual will, a few simple lines, but contains countless information. Appeared in front of Lei Feng, he did not look, just in the field, the kind of unity with heaven and earth. Harmony between man and nature! Lei Feng promoted to a mysterious realm, soul out of body, roaming in the universe, surrounded by Xuanhuang energy, like the beginning of heaven and earth, the birth of chaos, a vast Taiji diagram emerged in the starry sky. This vast universe is boundless, but at the moment of fusion, I suddenly feel a barrier, which is very thin and easy to break. But mortals don't have that ability. Like a piece of paper, it is easy to pierce in front of people, but it is far away from people, even if people have the ability, they can not reach it. Flying higher is what a warrior must do. This height is the realm of martial arts. Whether it is physical strength or spiritual will, the two are strong and overbearing. When they reach unity, promotion is inevitable. Lei Feng immersed in a very mysterious feeling, the body has undergone earth-shaking changes, the body of the five elements of the needle, floating out, suspended in the air, the energy of this space emerged, was absorbed by the needle. The five-element golden needle is like a newborn baby, sucking its mother's milk, with great energy in every mouthful. At this time, Lei Feng is in space, comprehending the mystery of God. Outside the hut, Lei Tingting waited anxiously. After a long time, there was no movement at all. Wu Keke looked on and said with a smile, "I'm worried, your man?" Lei Tingting stared at the hut and shook her head. "No," she said. Not your man. What are you worried about. It's true. Wu Keke was speechless and said that she had little experience of some emotional things, so she didn't understand them. How old are you? Wu Keke asked in an old age. Lei Tingting knew the identity of the other party and dared not neglect him. She said, "Nineteen, what about you?" Surprised, Wu Keke said, "You're only nineteen,ultrasonic generator driver, and I'm twenty. Haha, I finally found someone younger than me. By the way, do you have a boyfriend?" 。
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