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Fierce Ghost Shelter System (9th Jan 23 at 12:59am UTC)
The water monk maintains the mirage not to disperse, is beaten to hold the head rat to flee, in the heart unceasingly prays, Niu Gur. You should have noticed that I left the ruined temple. How long can I delay now? You have to come! Three dozen one, the water monk can only run, his arms are bruised, his head is constantly bulging, this group of guys can not only congeal into sticks, but also whip, out of the water to be beaten, not out of the water to be beaten. The water monk finally couldn't hold out. The mirage was removed and returned to the mountain forest. Ha The three ghosts quickly gathered around him. Die! The huge mountain attack wood appeared again, and hit the water monk in the chest, toward the cliff. The trees were smashed by the huge force, the water monk vomited blood like a pillar, and was hit by the mountain wood on the cliff, completely squashed. How tenacious.. Attack mountain wood disappeared, three dive will come forward, suddenly found something wrong. They didn't see the mashed meat they imagined. At the top of the cliff, seven chains hung down, and the water monk was wrapped up by the chains. The three ghosts looked up and found a bull demon with his hands crossed in front of his chest, looking down. A trace of coldness suddenly appeared behind the three ghosts. Just one person.. Blocking the three of them against the ghost?! What's the matter Maybe.. The chain slowly loosened,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, and the water monk inside shrank into a ball and found himself safe and sound, with a kind of fear of escaping death. Niu Gur! Hit them! Buddha Moon sends you! The sound of Buddhist meditation, the water monk wiped away the nosebleed, shouted hysterically, and a Buddha moon rose from the back of his head and flew towards the bull demon. The Zen monk hangs high on the moon of merit! The Bull Demon has divine power! On the cliff, the bull demon jumped, and the three ghosts quickly said,outdoor ficus tree, "Spread out!"! Run "Now that you're here!"! Don't go! The three ghosts would quickly escape into the tree, but as soon as they entered, the tree body was smashed by the chain, and the hook with the strange light hooked them and pulled them to Niu Meng's side. Chapter 967, the wonderful use of the spirit of the earth vein. "Is that all you can do with the three dives in Bronze County?" The scorpion rope hooked the upper jaws of the three ghost generals and hung them in the air like fishing. How dare you.. Dare to go against Bronze County. The ghost king will not let you go. Niu Meng touched his cheek and said in a muffled voice, "The wound on my face is due to him. Just wait!"! I won't let him go either. "You.." The three ghosts looked at Niu Meng with a flash of ruthlessness in their eyes and a chill in their hearts. Out of the corner of their eye, they found that Niu Meng had a sign hanging on his waist. They were even more flustered. And you are The ghost of the imperial city? What the hell are you doing in Bronze County? "There's no need to know too much about a dying old ghost." The iron chain twisted hard, and the three ghosts struggled in vain. The other chains were also entangled in the past, and the three ghosts were twisted into mud. Four pieces of meat sprinkled on the ground were blown away by the wind and disappeared without a trace. Niu Meng lifted the water monk up, probed him, and found that the water monk was covered with scars. "Ah Shui, you are badly hurt. We can't wait any longer to peel the skin and get married. We have to go now." Niu Mengdao. In the current situation, the fighting capacity of the water monk is greatly reduced, and an absolutely safe environment is needed to repair the ghost body. Ashamed, the water monk lowered his head and said, outdoor palm trees ,artificial plant wall panels, "I was reckless.". You shouldn't have followed that guy. "No," said Niu Meng! You did a good job. At least these three people didn't go back in time to report, which bought us a lot of time. Niu Meng carried the water monk on his back and walked to the ruined temple. In the ruined temple, the ghost was so nervous that he was relieved when he saw the cow coming back. Niu Gur! What happened to the monk? "Don't ask so much. Get out of here now and come with me!" "Don't you wait for the elder sister to peel them?" "No, if there is a ghost king coming, it will be very troublesome.". You are too weak. If anything happens to you, I can't explain to my master. The ghosts gritted their teeth, tidied up in silence, and followed the bull on the road. Smiling ghost, Xu Tao, sixteen elder brother all know that they are too weak, in the face of the ghost will be vulnerable, let alone the ghost king! If they are in danger, they are the first to bear the brunt. It is indeed a wise choice to leave. A ridge. Peeling, headless, Shen Jiang Gui, Shi She Ji and Dong Ao struggled forward. Dong Ao led a white-bone horse, on whose back lay a dying skinner.
"Are you all right, skinning brother?" Peeling waved his hand: "We can't die." Dong ao nodded, secretly admire in the heart. The reason why the skinning was injured was that the ghost king hit him with all his strength when he was behind the mat. The human skin puppet was blown up, not to mention that he himself became like this. Fortunately, he was saved by the ghost in wedding clothes. Now Dong Ao admires Qin Kun's ghost job more and more. In the hands of the two ghost king can get away with it, if it grows up in the future, it must be a giant! The five ghosts were sent down the ridge. Shen Jiang Gui and Shi She Ji, who were exploring the way, came back and said, "There is a desolate village ahead. Brother Peeling, shall we have a rest?" "Rest?" Skinned and grinned. "To take care of us?" In Shi Snake Ji's head, the little snake wriggled and hissed out the letter: "It's time for you to have a rest." Block the blow for me, and I.. "-" Peel and spit out the grass branch, "I am to cover everyone, you are only one of them. Besides, without your petrifying magic, my second life would have been killed. I should thank you. Stone Snake Ji bit her lip and lowered her head. In fact, when she was behind the mat, she wanted to see if her petrified ghost could pose a threat to the chasing ghost king, but she didn't expect the other side's mental strength to be so tenacious. If she hadn't skinned herself off, I'm afraid she'd be gone by now. Shi Snake Ji never felt that she was dragging everyone down because of her weakness, so she felt even more guilty. The headless patted the skin on the horse, and the voice came from the chest: "Well, don't take so much resentment.". Have a rest and replenish the ghost spirit first. Only here can you absorb the incense completely. If you repair it while marching, the scattered incense will attract the pursuers. Peeling did not speak and acquiesced in the suggestion of the headless ghost. Desolate village is very large, nearly 200 households, do not know why it was destroyed, there are broken walls everywhere, there are no skeletons,faux ficus tree, leaving no blood, giving later people a lot of speculation. Along the way, they saw a lot of such deserted villages.
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