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The whole entertainment circle is waiting for my C (9th Jan 23 at 1:01am UTC)
On the other side are Xu Manfei and Jiao Xu of the Ying family, and Luo Ling, the smallest and lightest hostess. There are only three of them. And there is Jiao Xu this master, their side of the balance is not a problem, Xu Manfei and Luo Ling as long as slowly follow the run on the line. There is a layer of cold tap water under the ocean ball below. At this moment, the players do not know that they will fall down for a while. This is one of today's "surprises". Xu Manfei said confidently, "Your teammates lost last time. Are you ready?" Shen Qi smiled, "that's because I'm not here." "You.." Xu Manfei's voice did not fall, but someone interrupted her more quickly. No, "Su Jing also stepped up the steps." That's because I'm not here. " Su Jing has been practicing martial arts since he was a child. He wants the golden rooster to support three bowls independently, and his balance ability never shushes. I'm not here either. Wang Yuqiang came to the stage. Run? Give you a Breaking, believe it or not? When Zhou Xinlei saw that her younger sisters were so rampant, she felt that if she didn't cooperate, there would be no platoon. She also smiled and said, "I laughed. However, before I took part in the Green Song Competition, I applied for the pilot examination." Balance? Pilot training wheel. Learn about it. The smell of gunpowder filled the air, and the audience was like chicken blood. Come on, less flash! "Last time we came to Shinsaiwu Tiantian, this time we came to Shinsai4 A. You'll see!" "4A goes to war, not a blade of grass grows!" Shinsao 4A is the nickname given by fans to Shinsao girls Shen Qi, Su Jing, Zhou Xinlei and Wang Yuqiang; corresponding to the other "five sweet": Yu Wei, Shen yuan,86 smart board, Amy, CICI and Xin Qing. Xin Qing and CICI are still controversial, because both of them are very changeable in style, salty and sweet, and the former 4A is more recognized. Apart from the factory director, the three are all examples of people who are ruthless and don't talk much, while the factory director is ruthless and talks a lot. After all, she is the chief chatterbox of the shining girl. Xu Manfei sneers, the heart says you are proud,75 smart board, see how long you can laugh. They have tried this game countless times, without any failure, after all, the program has to have gimmicks, the guests fall into the water to look good, the audience likes to see the guests miserable. From BGM, for the occasion, today's BGM is Shining Girl. With the rhythmic music, the two sides also boarded the log. Several people on Xu Manfei's side were obviously more skilled and skillful, and they did not hold hands when they came on stage, in order to prevent them from holding each other down. Jiao Xu was the first to come up, and then Luo Ling, and when Xu Manfei came up, the log had been controlled by Jiao Xu with his legs, and it was like walking on the ground. And the flash girl side, because four people are very tall, slightly inferior, interactive whiteboard for schools ,digital touch screen board, the speed is also relatively slow. Shen Qi first, she stepped on the log roller, only to see that the roller that had been moving before suddenly seemed like a cement pier, which was fixed by Shen Qi. Jiao Xu looked at this strength with some surprise. He hadn't seen the video of the factory director beating people, but he thought that the girls who practiced dancing probably had more strength in their legs. But the audience at the scene gave out a "wow" sound-King Kong Voldemort Legs, which really lived up to its reputation! The factory director is indeed a woman who kicked a strong man into a stomach bleeding! Shen Qi observed the axis on both sides and immediately found the difference, but she did not say anything, but firmly fixed the balance at her feet, with the help of Su Jing, Wang Yuqiang and Zhou Xinlei. The four men stood firm on the log and looked at each other. Follow the rhythm. "Good." From the next beat, needless to say, the three men started running tacitly, with the same movements, just like copying and pasting. Shen Qi also looked at his teammates with ease: "How is it?" Su Jing did not speak, with a nose "hum"-too simple. Wang Yuqiang: "It's no different from a treadmill." Zhou Xinlei thought it was funny and shouted to speed up while running: "Treadmill can't play together, hurry up, it's too slow!"! Keep up with the rhythm. Because there is "Shining Girl" as the background music, there is no need to shout the beat, the rhythm of this song has already been integrated into the blood of trainees, to put it bluntly, it is "poisonous". For the contestants of "Ou Xin", how many days and nights at the beginning, even the background music in the nightmare was this song, which could not be forgotten.
Not to mention that the nine people who made their debut had to perform repeatedly. The speed of Xu Manfei's side is obviously much slower. Jiao Xu has the intention to speed up, but once accelerated, the two girls certainly can not keep up. On the other hand, on the less side of the flash, it is completely with ease. Wait until the "Shining Girl" part, Shen Qi exchanged a wink with his teammates, four people kept at their feet, their arms suddenly waved neatly, and even danced a group dance while running. Shining Shining! Pick me up! Flash girl, go forward! Shining Shining! Pick me up! The dream will come true today! Support cards, small fans, hand banners and fluorescent sticks were waved in the auditorium, and the four shining girls on the stage were light in posture, repeating the classic movements of the group dance. Stage lights immediately follow up, do not look at the feet of four people, the scene is like a concert in general, Xu Manfei there is only homeopathic applause, Luo Ling is surprised to open her mouth. No one's ever been able to dance on this! Isn't Flash Girl a girl group? Why can you do this acrobatic troupe action? At the end of the music, the four flash girls finished their movements neatly, and at the same time, they stamped at their feet, and the log stopped steadily. And Xu Manfei side, although Jiao Xu also stopped the log, but Luo Ling fell down because of distraction, and she was in a panic, and grabbed Xu Manfei. Ah Climbing out of the ocean ball, Xu Manfei held back the feeling at his feet and glared at Luo Ling in confusion and ferocity. Luo Ling is also very helpless, she did not know that there is water under the ocean ball, even the skirt is wet, but also have to pretend as if nothing had happened, smiling to continue to host,electronic board for classroom, the heart is also very sad. The four flash girls ended the "performance" perfectly and returned to the center of the stage. "Jiao Xu saw that Xu Manfei had forgotten all the words, so he had to put himself on top." How did you feel about the game just now? Are you tired? Shen Qi: "Not bad, a little more tired than on the flat ground." Wang Yuqiang: "Just so so." Su Jing: "Very interesting." 。
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