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Iron Flute-Return of Pearl Landlord _ txt Novel Pa (9th Jan 23 at 1:03am UTC)
Wangzi knew very well that his enemy was fierce. In the past, the villagers called him back to work for his family. It was all the farmers who took pity on his loneliness and were capable. They thought that things were cold after a long time. Relying on the fact that the fields they planted were all owned by the Zhang family, most of the slaves knew each other. They only pleaded with two good and powerful slaves. They said a lot of good words and called them back. The people above did not know and could not see them. Originally, it was to hide the truth from the superiors but not from the subordinates, and it was not really to entrust the favor. It is also because of the great disparity between the rich and the poor on both sides, which can not be easily seen, that nothing happens. Later, the old man Wang was ordered by the Iron Flute to move to the mountain pass and find out what had happened. He also warned him again and again, "You can't go to the village if you have nothing to do. If you see the enemies of these three families, especially the people of the Zhang family, you must stay away. There are many martial artists in the Zhang family. If you are captured, no one can save you.". In recent years, Zhang Xingbao, the son of a dog, has become more and more arrogant when he enters school. Last year, there was a stranger who met him on the road. Because the man was seriously ill, he was negligent for a moment. He did not know the details and what he had said wrong. When he heard it, he ordered people to capture him and go to the village. He disappeared and did not see the man come out. He thought he had been killed. You are a minor orphan, and I have washed my hands and lived in seclusion for many years, and I don't want to show my true face. Although your affair has passed, it is still dangerous to encounter it, and we must guard against it in the end. Wangzi was already wary. As soon as he saw this disaster, he expected that no one would be spared. He thought to himself that there was no one else to save him. Old Wang was the only one. When he arrived at the door of the wine shop, he was hit by two sticks. He spoke loudly and told the residents along the way how the other party had committed murder by relying on the crowd and beat him severely. At first glance,information kiosk price, the old man Wang and his daughter-in-law were not among them, and a new shopkeeper was working, but they did not seem to pay attention to it. Fang thought, this is a bad luck. Suddenly I caught a glimpse of two people standing under the opposite tree. They were the enemies of the master's iron flute on the Jade Spring Cliff. The thin eldest son was still holding two roast pheasants that had just been thrown away in the forest. The sand and mud on the chickens had not yet been removed, and his heart moved. Suddenly he saw the thin man waving his hand at him and winking at him, as if he didn't want to be strong any more and suffer immediate losses in vain. It suddenly occurred to me that these two men had said that master would come for an appointment during the mid-autumn festival. I sent a letter to tell master to go to the cinnabar field to look for the two of them. They had gone through a koan 23 years ago. This lanky old man, like a shrimp, was definitely not a good man. How could he show kindness to me? Just now he wanted to take me as his disciple. Maybe he would take this opportunity to rescue me so that he could persuade me to worship him as his master. Otherwise,thermal imaging camera, he would not have done so. The heart is happy. It suddenly occurred to me that the old man Wang had been talking about his master hiding in seclusion, helping the poor for a week, and opposing corrupt officials, local tyrants, and local tyrants. He had a lot of ways to save people, and as usual, he saved them to the end. This was very different from the usual knight-errant who claimed to rob the rich to help the poor, but only gave alms for a while, regardless of whether the other person was good or evil, or whether the other person could live in the future. Many of the poor people and peasants in the Qinlong, Sichuan and Hunan areas had been helped by him, and they were so grateful that they treated him as a relative. Because of his popularity, he is willing to help others, and people are willing to sacrifice their lives to help him. There are many people everywhere who are one with him. Therefore, wherever he went, there was nothing he could not do. He saved many people, and he loved many people, interactive kiosk price ,temperature screening kiosk, and he acted like an ordinary person. I heard that I was envious of him, so I was determined to worship him as a teacher and learn from him to save people. Even if his martial arts skills were better than his, his ambition was not in my heart without him. What's more, these two people have a good face, and the third one is even more ferocious and unreasonable. Wouldn't I hate it if I took advantage of him and forced him to become a teacher? Anyway, I haven't died yet at this time. When I get to my opponent's house, I will act according to the camera. How fierce and ferocious it is. As long as this tone is constant and my mind is not confused, nothing will happen in the end. According to Wang Laohan, if a person encounters dangers and difficulties, if he can make up his mind, deal with them calmly and act accordingly, it is not impossible to tide over the difficulties. I was afraid that it would be useless to scold, and I would suffer more losses for no reason. Fortunately, my strength was stronger than that of ordinary adults, so I might as well stop shouting and scolding, let nature take its course on the surface, pay attention to it in secret, and then make a plan to escape in the dead of night. In the future to learn skills, seek revenge for the father and son of this donkey day, for this side of the people to eliminate harm, is not much? These two are not good people. Don't pay any attention to him, so as not to be rescued by him. If the master knows that he no longer wants me to be a disciple, isn't he wronged? As soon as he changed his mind, the more he thought about it, the more reasonable he became. He pretended not to see it, turned his head, and stopped shouting and scolding.
All the wicked slaves heard him suddenly shout and scold again, and were about to beat him with sticks. Zhang Xing, the son of a dog, had the strongest desire to protect his reputation. He felt that the other side was a shepherd boy, and many adults were beating him. Along the way, the natives were sure to talk behind their backs. They deliberately shouted, "Don't beat us. This boy has stolen our things more than once. In order not to use him the year before last, he dared to stab us with a knife today. Such a thief should be sent "The king himself has ruled over him, and you let him fabricate rumors and bark like a dog. What do you care about him?" Wang Zi scolds secretly: "Donkey day, really can think of a way to wrong a good person!"! My knife was hidden beside me, but he did not take it out. He said that I had stabbed him, and he clearly wanted to kill me. Listen to this tone will call the dog officer to torture. It's a long way from the city. If you don't kill me tonight, there's hope of escape. In the heart secretly pleased, felt to have the vitality, also shut up. The mountain pass was only two or three Li away from Zhangjiazhuang, and Gouziye had already been lifted up. He was eager to go back for medical treatment. He hanged Wangzi and urged him to go quickly. After a while, he arrived, but the two outsiders, who called themselves Laosan and Laowu, did not see him follow. By the time they got to Zhang's house, the lights were already on. Old Zhang and his wife heard that their beloved son had come back from a hunting injury. They were frightened and driven out. The whole family, old and young, were like stirring up a hornet's nest. They were in a mess. They hugged each other and carried the dog to the house. Their parents, wives and concubines cried and asked questions as if they were in a strange disaster. They did not know what to do; Even quarrel with scold, and blame with the person is waste, not careful,Interactive digital signage, this many people to protect, also make big XiangGong hurt by a gowardesh, must beat him to death.
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