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The Otherworldly Evil Emperor _Wind Over the World (9th Jan 23 at 1:04am UTC)
And this weight. The plan was put forward by him, and the correct proposal of Zijinghong was put forward! Purple Jing Hong is also full of red face cursing unceasingly. Grief in the heart, but also faint some pleasure: *** your grandma! Let you design me again! Is that all right? My men buried three, and your men lost five at once! Two more than my sea of blood. And they are all top players! Bah, if it wasn't for my people down there. I'm sneaking off to one side now. Stop grinning, face muscle pumping pumping, some schadenfreude in the eyes, mouth but sympathetic way: "So this place is actually a trap wow, really unexpected" two, I'm sorry to change, after all, dead people can't be resurrected "Xuanxuan mainland talented people, and then put together a few masters or some." Put an end to the words of Yangqiu in Pili, the birth of one Buddha, the ascension of two Buddhas and the nirvana of three Buddhas at the same time of Zhen Mercy and Zijing Rainbow! Is this still human talk? Just be buried alive on did not die, you forgive in unexpectedly only classics want to mourn to change! Isn't that a curse! "Somebody!"! Dig this hole as fast as I can! Hurry up! Zhen Ci's face was full of anger. Put your hands on your hips and roar! On the other side, Zijinghong hurriedly gave the same order! Underground, in a certain direction: Jun Moye's eyes are slightly closed. Hands together, suddenly suddenly out of his arms,gear reduction motor, a circle of khaki light suddenly rippled out from his body, instantly melted into the surrounding soil, in places invisible to the naked eye, continue to spread to the distance. And on Jun Moye's body, a circle of yellow light kept coming out, coming out rapidly, coming out endlessly. I want this place to collapse! Finally, Jun Moye's face turned white. As soon as I opened my eyes,brushless gear motor, the blood in my eyes flashed fiercely. With a loud roar, the infinite yellow light burst out. My body was tired and weak, and I fell straight back. I said quickly in my mouth, "Go!"! Get out of here as soon as possible! Chu Qihun grabbed his body and scurried forward along a dark road like a sharp sword. Mei Xueyan followed him and disappeared in a twinkling of an eye. On the ground, just as the three holy places were about to start digging to save people, a master had just lifted a large piece of mud, and suddenly everyone felt a shock under their feet at the same time! At the foot of the earth, in the dance of the general joy of vibration! This time the shock was much bigger than before! Even the stones on the ground were bounced so high. They only felt that they could not even stand steadily, so they stopped looking up. His face changed greatly, and he turned pale with a brush. Loud shout a way: "!"! This place is going to be a landslide. "How can there be a landslide?" Let's go quickly. "As soon as I swept over, I was like a sharp arrow. The masters of the Supreme Golden City shouted loudly to keep up with them. "Don't go!"! People have not been saved, no one is allowed to be merciful and almost vomit blood, but in a twinkling of an eye, 24v Dc Motor With Gearbox ,Brushless Gear Motor, but can not help but also eyes straight, immediately shut up! The two peaks on both sides of the inclined valley were shaking at the same time. First, the snow on the top of the mountain was rumbling with stones pouring down with the momentum of ten thousand horses galloping. Avalanche! But it's not over yet. The top of the mountain continued to shake, and suddenly it was like a drunken man. He fell headlong. Two steep peaks collapsed, one to the left and one to the right, crashing down towards the middle! Countless thousands of jins of boulders, thousands of jins of boulders, rolled down from the top of the mountain with great momentum.
It's like a levee suddenly bursting! And all of a sudden from the top to the bottom, directly is the four-word idiom: the pressure of Mount Tai! Nearly a hundred masters were scattered like birds and beasts. But after all, it is better to stop seeing the opportunity quickly, and eventually there are still many people shouting and screaming to be submerged in the inside, "can only use their own Xuangong hard stroke." The rumbling sound of cracks and landslides lasted for a full cup of tea. Looking at the canyon now, it is already as flat as the peaks on both sides! It used to be called a canyon when there was a ravine between two peaks, but now it is good that the three sides are flush and become a plain. Instantaneous changes, the vicissitudes of life, nothing more than this! One by one, the masters of the three holy places stood panting on the "plain" that had just been reclaimed by the net, looking straight at the incredible scene in front of them, only to feel the coldness of the vest, the cold sweat coming out, one by one, their faces were blue and their lips were white, and their faces were pale! Such divine power of heaven and earth. Who can compete? Below, from time to time there was a groan sound, a boulder was slowly arched open, "I have to say that the bones of these supreme masters are hard, ah, such a large-scale landslide can not be killed!"! But one by one also all hung the color. His face was black and blue, and he was dressed in red. Well, this is not the meaning of marriage. There was silence! All of a sudden "Save people!" You bastards! You are paralyzed and you are a wooden man. Zhen Cibei hammered his chest and roared loudly: "If I don't speak, don't you just watch them struggle for their lives below?"? A bunch of living bastards! "Your grandmother" just scolded, suddenly angry attack under the heart, a mouthful of blood spurted out! Blood-red eyes! Exactly seven days later, it was barely tidied up, and the total number of people gathered here in the three holy places was 152. Seventeen people were injured by landslides, including two with broken legs and three with broken hands, and almost all of the others were also injured. It was a fluke that no one was killed. All thanks to these old bones, they are really tough! Xuangong for hundreds of years is really not a vegetarian. Finally, he began to dig the hole again. In one afternoon, he dug down forty feet. Finally, he found the eight people. These eight people were really unlucky. When they were trying to climb up, they suddenly collapsed and boulders fell down, one after another, like a giant hammer,Micro Gear Motor, which made the whole land solid. Eight people were almost crushed to death "and then almost suffocated to death" Chapter 252 sharpening the knife to the silver city! Later, these people actually reached the point of drinking muddy cement soup on the spot to maintain breathing-at least there is oxygen in the water. No matter how pure the cultivation of Xuanqi is, it can't last for seven days and seven nights without breathing.
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