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Rebirth pursuit order (9th Jan 23 at 1:04am UTC)
"Oh, well, no wonder people say that strange people appear one after another. Let me tell you, this Wang Yiping used to be very famous when she sold clothes in Xicheng Street." "What's the matter? Are the clothes selling very well?" "It's not that the clothes are particularly popular, but that the people are particularly popular. She is a famous romantic figure in Xicheng Street. She will marry Zhang Chenguang and have children. They all say they can't think of it."? She said that before she got married with Zhang Chenguang, she was still doing business with several men. There were a lot of people looking for her. I didn't expect that she could take a fancy to the honest Zhang Chenguang. "Did they say which men she had a particularly close relationship with, and whether she would continue to associate with them after marriage? I think there may be a big treasure buried here." "Probably, the stall owners didn't say who specifically, but as soon as we asked this question, they hesitated. I think there must be a problem here, so they kept chasing after me. They told me to find a woman named Li Xiaohong, who also sells clothes in Xicheng Street. It is said that she and Wang Yiping are the best, but she went to Guangzhou to stock up and came back in two days." "Good, very good. The more strange people, the better. The more strange people, the more clues we have." Chao Po-tao was very excited. "I don't know if that Zhang Chenguang is also a strange man," Lu said casually. It's really hard to say, you think, ah, there is such a pair of parents, there is such a brother, originally normal, they have to be forced into a strange person ah. "Alas.." No matter who is strange, no matter whose responsibility, no matter who is the murderer, the most innocent, is the child,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, "Deng Jie suddenly said with feeling, everyone can not help but silence down.". Chapter 7 The Man in Grey Chapter 7 The Man in Grey Finally, it was Lao Zhao and Deng Jie who found the number of Jingui from a junior high school classmate of Wang Yilian. Lao Zhao immediately called Xiao Feng in the technical department. After hanging up the phone, Chao Po-tao shook his head and said, "What's the matter with this man? He has nothing to say to people around him, but he has nothing to say to strangers." After these two days of visits, they found that Wang Yilian's strange temper was not only like that of her colleagues, but also the evaluation of her relatives and classmates. She was not gregarious, and she liked to expose people's scars and hurt people. The junior high school classmate who had her QQ number was the only one who could be called a friend in her real life. Wang Yilian's last chat record was on November 22. Forty-seven points, it is indeed a video chat, and the location of the other party's number is Jining, Shandong. The fire alarm time was 4:52. If Wang Yilian was really the first person to be killed, then her last video chat was probably interrupted by the murderer. That is to say, 12v High Torque Motor ,Small Dc Gear Motor, the person she chatted with probably saw the scene of the murderer's murder through the video. Laozhao and Xiaoding immediately rushed to Jining, through the assistance of the local public security Bureau, found the number last chat when the IP address, is an Internet cafe, they immediately called out the Internet cafe monitoring and registration records, through screening, finally determined that the target object is a boy named Zheng chenghe, unfortunately, he was using a computer, and general Internet bar computer, but He installed a recovery system and did not save his chat records and video files at that time. According to the introduction of the owner of the Internet bar, this man used to come to the Internet bar almost every day, but he hasn't been here these days, which is quite abnormal. When Chao Po-tao found Zheng Chenghe, he seemed to know the reason. He was a big boy in his twenties with a square head and a big face. As soon as he saw Chao Po-tao, he stood up and said in a panic, "It's none of my business. I don't know. I don't know what happened to the White Lotus Fairy.." White Lotus Fairy is the net name of Wang Yilian.
"Don't worry, we're just looking for you to find out the situation. You say slowly, what did you see when you chatted with Wang Yilian on November 22?" "I see.." Saw a man, came in, stood behind the white lotus, and then. Then with a knife, he cut the neck of the white lotus and cut a big hole. Zheng Chenghe's face was pale, he swallowed and spat desperately, and he could not speak. Don't be afraid. Come on, take a drink of water first. I ask you, did you see who cut Wang Yilian's neck? Lao Zhao asked this sentence slowly, and Xiaoding and the two local policemen held their breath, waiting for Zheng Chenghe's answer. It was a man in a gray coat, and I.. I didn't see his face. "Oh.." Lao Zhao took a look at Xiaoding next to him. Both of them were disappointed. They asked Zheng Chenghe carefully and asked him to recall every detail of his chat with Wang Yilian from the beginning to the end. Zheng Chenghe began to chat with Wang Yilian in the afternoon that day. These days, they have videos every day, but usually in the evening. On November 22, Wang Yilian was on QQ in the afternoon. She said she had asked for sick leave. Then the two of them had been chatting, mainly discussing going to Tibet together, until Wang Yilian was cut by the man in gray. Without a cry, Wang Yiping threw herself down in front of the computer. Zheng Chenghe was frightened, but the man in gray didn't seem to find the video window on the computer. He turned around with a knife and went out. Zheng Chenghe heard the sound of him closing the door. Then Zheng Chenghe sat in front of the computer, sitting motionless. He didn't tell the other people in the Internet bar. At first, he thought it was a prank. He said that Bai Lian was sometimes strange. He suspected that Bai Lian was playing with him. Then, nothing appeared in the video. He could only see the back of Bai Lian's head, lying there without any movement. When Zheng Chenghe finally felt that this might be a real murder, the video suddenly broke, and Wang Yilian's QQ suddenly went offline. Zheng Chenghe did not know what to do, nor did he know whether it was true or not,Vending Machine Motor, so he hurried home. He tried to contact Bai Lian these two days, and the result can be imagined. He did not call the police, nor did he dare to go to the Internet cafe again.
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