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Cultivate immortals in the fairy world (9th Jan 23 at 1:08am UTC)
Shadow put Dayan sword on his shoulder, took out a flagon, hugged Li Huanchen's shoulder and left together. The ice girl happily took back her own vein ice bed, which belonged to her heaven and earth Lingbao, which had been used to seal Mei Kailin's body. Let her strength drop a few percent in the battle, now it is not easy to come back, the ice woman is naturally happy to go to a good refining. Miscellaneous people and so on all leave this field, even small Yan ran also do not know when to pull the source to sneak away. Two little girls are the easiest to talk to. And sister-in-law is also, the source of these days in the base camp of the fairy world patronized with small Yan ran and sister-in-law two people to play. For the source who is not familiar with the world and has lived in the sky for a long time and has not even seen a few outsiders, everything in the fairy world makes her feel very strange. Boss Li is very embarrassed now. There was a strong smell of vinegar in the air, which made people so sour that their teeth almost fell out. There was a naked anger in Yueshang's eyes. The dead man had only received himself for a few days, and now he was going to receive a foreign girl again. But Yueyi's eyes are full of taste, which is very complicated. Master, wait for me. Yueyi shouted at Li Chengzhu in the voice of Mei Kailin. "Big Boss Li blushed and pulled out his beard with his big hand even more vigorously." This. I'll look over there. Li Chengzhu felt that now was not the time to entangle with these women, and hurriedly wanted to find an excuse to escape. Where to go? Yueshang looked at Big Boss Li angrily,uns c68700, came to his side, stretched out his little hand and twisted the fat around Li Chengzhu's waist, "Do you feel itchy?" Yueyi rushed over to help her sister, and her four little hands, like tortoise claws, raged on Li Chengzhu's body. The sisters,x60 line pipe, who have hated each other for thousands of years, are United at this moment as never before. Of course he felt itchy. "So a big beauty will directly show the lust, with his personality, will let go?" The vinegar of the moon clothes is getting stronger and stronger, so strong that it can't be melted. "He's so immortal. What kind of person do you think I am?" Li Chengzhu turned his head and looked at the two sisters ferociously. "Am I that kind of person?" After saying this sentence, even Big Boss Li felt that the credibility was basically zero. Okay, I'm a little horny, but what's the matter? The ancients said, my fair lady. A gentleman is a good mate! You haven't seen what Lao Tzu has done to them, have you? "You have a heart, but you don't have the guts!" Yueyi laughed. "Be careful that Sister Gu has cracked you." Gu Linglong won't! Li Chengzhu said, 321 stainless steel sheet ,uns s32750 sheet, looking at the ancient girl with some relief. The first lady never disobeys her will, and she does it perfectly in every way. Don't change the subject. The strength of Yueshang's hand is getting bigger and bigger. She knows that Li Chengzhu is invincible, so she specially added some Reiki to it. Do you think you had this idea to revive Mei Kailin? "How is that possible?" Li Chengzhu looks like Dou E has been wronged. "You haven't tried Lin's auxiliary magic. With her, the battle in the fairy world will be much easier." Boss Li's words are true, but the most important thing is that Lin added countless guardian spells to herself at the last moment of her life. This woman, even if she's dying. They are also trying to maintain their responsibilities. Silly and cute! "What are you going to do with her?" Yueshang put her little face in front of Li Chengzhu and stared closely at the eyes of Big Boss Li. Li Chengzhu's eyes turned a little cramped, "how can I place it?"? She is my servant, in the battle to assist everyone, how do you want to place her? Yue Chang's big eyes looked at Big Boss Li without blinking. After a while, she opened her mouth and said, "You're lying." "I always tell the truth." Li Chengzhu is somewhat boastful. This sentence is the biggest lie. Yueyi's words revealed the mystery. All right, all right, let's not make a scene. The ancient wench's faint words, with an invisible majesty, made Big Boss Li's heart slowly calm down.
"Husband didn't mean that, otherwise he wouldn't be so shy!" Gu Linglong smiled slightly, the word shy used in big boss Li always feels a little nondescript, "even if the husband has such a meaning, we just have one more sister, there is no need to care so much." "I just care a little." Yuechang wriggled and muttered in a low voice. But she knew that she could still make trouble with Li Chengzhu, but she couldn't take it seriously. The general trend is the most important, otherwise so many women in the family are very tolerant, and they just behave themselves. And jealous, perhaps big boss Li will hate her one day. But you can't blame the moon. Anyhow, Yueshang is also the immortal king of the fairy world. Such a character is originally a lofty existence. Now I have to share a husband with another woman, and more than one woman. Like Gu Linglong, they were with Li Chengzhu before themselves, that's all right, but if Mei Kailin also squeezed in, Yueyang always felt that her things had been robbed. What do you care about? Li Chengzhu rudely pulled the sisters and hugged one in one hand. Yueyi's little face was red to her neck again, her head was slightly lowered, and her legs were swinging. She is still not used to being so close to Li Chengzhu. — Would you like me to prove how much I love you now? How strong is the feeling? The words with deep meaning make Yueyi more weak. Boss Li's big hand around her shoulder was like a red-hot pincer, melting the line of defense in her heart. Dead! Yueshang glared at Li Chengzhu. The charming eyes greatly stimulated Li Chengzhu's heart of love. Turned to look around, Li Chengzhu shyly with an old face to the front of the moon clothes, "goblin,x70 line pipe, should we find a place." Hmm? Yueyi kept swallowing saliva, and she felt her face burning. The smile of the moon is very thick, looking straight at Li Chengzhu. Then he stretched out his middle finger and slowly put it on the forehead of Big Boss Li. Two words jumped out of his mouth: "No way!" 。
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