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Ethereal GL [Xiuzhen] (10th Jan 23 at 2:26am UTC)
Out of the corner of her eye, she glanced at her clothes and saw a little man with yellow paper scissors stuck to it, lying on his clothes, his head shaking. Lianhui pulled the yellow paper, tore it up and threw it away, and turned to see the medicine house next to it, with green tile eaves and chimneys braving white fog, steaming into the air and quietly drilling in. Yuqing is famous for making alchemy and amulets, so you can see the medicine house everywhere, but it is far away from Yuncheng. It is located in a remote area, and its spiritual power is thin. I don't know why there is still a medicine house. As soon as Lianhui stepped into the medicine house, she noticed the sealed boundary. She took out the misty flower in her arms and fell on the boundary. Suddenly, a big hole melted out. The boundary was like nothing, and she could easily penetrate it. Ethereal flowers have the ability to dissolve spiritual power, evil spirit and nether world, and can dissolve the spirits of the three realms. The footsteps were hurrying around the medicine house, looking at the movement inside. "This boundary is a little strange," a low voice came from outside. "Do you want to break in?"? "That girl has a lot of ambrosia on her," said an eager voice. "Wait a minute, stay outside and wait and see what happens. I don't believe she can stay out all the time," said an old voice. Since they did not dare to come in, Lianhui planned to stay in the medicine house. She climbed over the window, came out of the thatched cottage on one side, went to the center, stepped on the mossy steps, and the strong smell of medicine came to her nostrils,Walking tape measure, even a little pungent. Lian.. I'm trapped here. "Excuse me, sir, please forgive me," said Lian Hui with her hand. After all, it is impolite to break into other people's houses by mistake. There was no movement inside, only the sound of flames burning. Lianhui lifted the door curtain painted with Yin and Yang fish. As soon as she lifted her foot, she tripped and fell to the ground. Her palm touched the blood on the ground. She was so surprised that she stepped back. Looking up, I saw several large iron cages around me, which contained several monsters, black and blue,Surveyors tape measure, and looked over in fear. Lying on the ground was a decapitated fox, half human, with several dark jars beside it, covered with yellow charms painted with blood. The huge alchemy furnace was placed in the house, where the flames were steaming and the white smoke was curling up along the chimney. There was a shadowy figure behind the curtain. Excuse me, why are you so cruel to make alchemy with monsters? Lianhui's face was pale, and she still asked calmly. There was silence behind the curtain. Lianhui mustered up her courage and lifted the curtain. She saw a skeleton sitting in a shabby chair with long hair and a faint stench. As soon as Lianhui's legs were weak, she was so frightened that she fell to the ground and looked around in panic. It seemed that the medicine house was very strange and had to leave quickly. Lotus back swept the side of the axe stained with blood, two hands up, struggling to chop down toward the cage. Whining, the monster made a low sob, with tears in his eyes, and kowtowed to Lianhui to beg for mercy. Clicking, the copper lock fell, and Lianhui opened the cage, "Run away!" , The monster looked around timidly, kowtowed to Lianhui again, and turned to flee. Lian looked back at the monster to leave, Horse weight lbs ,Fish measuring board, mind turning, not good, that a few people are still waiting outside? She hurriedly ran out of the house and saw two or three people lying in a pool of blood, staring angrily and dying tragically. I didn't expect that you could enter the boundary I laid. From the top of the eaves came the sound of Yin measuring, a Taoist priest with dishevelled hair, a whisk in his hand, ragged clothes, a long face with sparse eyebrows and sunken cheeks. Lianhui looked at him warily, "cruel and ruthless, the mind is not right, for the immortal clan.". The Taoist priest's left eye was beating, his eyes were scattered, and he hummed, "You let my monster run away, how can you compensate for it?!" , He jumped down and swept the whisk, making a green awn, which was hidden by the Yin and Yang Pisces. Lianhui grabbed a few amulets and read a sentence in her mouth, "Urgent as an imperial order." A few yellow charms turned into smoke in the air, shaking the void, shooting out seven or eight fireballs, yellow awn, ice awl, and hitting the Taoist priest in a mess. Lianhui turned around and ran out, hurriedly looking for her shrinking amulet in a pile of magic amulets. The Taoist whisked away the dust, knocked down the fireball and the ice awl, grabbed Lianhui by the collar, and carried her back to the medicine house. Let go of me! "You can't kill me!" Lianhui struggled. 。 The Taoist priest tied Lianhui's hands and feet, sat on the ground, and turned out a book from a shelf piled with ashes beside him. The blood-red eyes were a little strangely excited. "I never thought before, if, if, with the flesh and blood of the immortals, is it better than the monster?" 。 The Taoist priest looked softly at the bones behind the curtain, gently holding the bones in his arms and slowly brushing them with his palms. "Are you right?"? "Waner," he leaned against the wall and lovingly stroked the sunken face. You're crazy! Crazy . Lian Hui scolded in alarm. The Taoist priest was interrupted by her, quite a little unhappy, swearing came over, pulled her hand, long fingertips across, blood straight into the white jade bowl. "Lian Hui never thought that the Protoss of Mount Pantheon would end up like this." The blood of immortals is sweeter than that of monsters. "The Taoist priest went to the white jade bowl and smelled it. His eyes were confused." He was full of energy! " , He hesitated and hesitated a little, but finally he couldn't help it. He took a sip, like an elixir. The immortal power swelled in his body, and gradually turned into abdominal pain. The bowl in Taoist priest hand knocks on the ground, astonished unceasingly, stare big double eye, "how?"? How can there be devouring spirit grass, broken vein rattan?! , He looked like a madman and clapped his hands heavily at Lian Hui. "Despicable!"! He hid poison in his body and tried to break my meridians and destroy my immortal power! 。 Lian shrugged her shoulders and said innocently, "I don't know." Nothing she eats is fake, no one has a chance to poison it, only.. Lian Hui's eyes were slightly dark. Every ten days, Qian Ah Rang brought the medicinal soup from Yi Shui. Qian, Qian, are you so afraid? Even if you are a useless person, you have to poison him, cut off his meridians and destroy his spiritual power. For the first time, Lian Hui sulked in her heart. She gave way step by step, but Qian a had already forced her to have no way out. Go to hell! The Taoist turned his palm into a claw and headed for Lianhui's heart. "Dig out your heart and make alchemy!" 。 Just then,Pi tape measure, I heard a clear roar of the sword blade, and the sharp sword gas went straight to my face, and my face hurt.
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