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The Phantom of the Other World _ Pai Pai Novels (10th Jan 23 at 2:29am UTC)
The ice congealed the place and nodded. Fortunately, her mythical beast was placed in the night, and she didn't know what was going on with her salary. She told other people to keep their mouths shut, so as not to spend more money in the nether world. At most, she gave them the poison she refined as her salary. As long as the object they poisoned was not her, anyone could play with the poison, just enough to make a record for her. She took a glance at the phoenix who was also a mythical beast. Luan Feng immediately covered her mouth and said that she would never talk to other mythical beasts. Where is Chiyou now? "Also on the way to find the ruins, so I suggest to go to the ruins first, if let Chiyou and yuanshi Tianzun meet is not good, and if the ruins is the death of His Majesty, although Chiyou may not be able to beat, but it will also cause some damage to the death of His Majesty and hinder the recovery of his ability." Taishang Laojun has been ambushed in the Adventurers'Union for some time. It's not that he hasn't thought about looking for other immortals to cooperate with, or simply cooperating with yuanshi Tianzun. But he just doesn't like yuanshi Tianzun's "I have power, who am I afraid of". The most abominable thing about yuanshi TianZun is that he looks down on Taishang Laojun's elixir and Taoist amulet. He also says that this is a Taishang Laojun is not a fuel-efficient lamp. He also makes fun of yuanshi Tianzun for his well-developed limbs, simple mind, strong strength and P use. He can't even make an elixir. His craftsmanship is very poor. He looks careless.. As a result, the two immortals looked at each other from then on,hot tub wholesale, and it was difficult to solve the problem. In contrast, Taishang Laojun was more willing to cooperate with Bingning. Bingning's pharmacology was what he admired, especially the medicine used by Tota Heavenly King and Jiuxuan Tiannu. He was very willing to talk about pharmacology and communicate with Bingning. Let's go with Chiyou. Maybe he will have other clues. If he is willing to follow the obligation of the Star King and swear to obey the Star King, we will have more strength. "What if you don't?" Have you forgotten that I am the King of the Stars? Zunxing King has the absolute right to appoint and dismiss Xingjun. Chiyou was promoted from a human-dragon hybrid to Xingjun by my father. It's easy for me, the current Zunxing King, to cut off his priesthood and corresponding abilities. What's wrong with her misuse of authority? So what if she misuses her power? As an old Chinese saying goes, "Those who follow me will prosper,5 person hot tub, and those who resist me will perish." If you dare to make an enemy of her, you will beat him back to his original shape. There are many people who want to be a star king. Volume 5 Journey to the Night Chapter 190 Inside the Relics Fortunately, according to the induction of Taishang Laojun, Bingning successfully sent Chiyou to the ruins. She was not worried that Taishang Laojun and yuanshi Tianzun would join hands to defect. The knot between the two men was not so easy to solve. Besides, compared with yuanshi Tianzun, she and the night could give him more benefits, didn't they? Don't forget that there are at least three first gods behind her. The Jade Emperor doesn't believe that those gods will return to heaven. Taishang Laojun won't be so stupid, especially after seeing the frozen chart. But unfortunately, there is no trace of night stay here, but should prove another guess of Taishang Laojun-yuanshi Tianzun. Bing Ning although already psychologically prepared, but still had to lose, she wanted to say at night that any small blow at this juncture would stimulate her nerves, endless swimming pool ,hot tub manufacturers, so she attributed all the anger in recent days to yuan Shi Tianzun, and now this guy and Taishang Laojun are as weak as the space gap, and have to stay here to recover. The saddest thing is that his ability is absolutely under the ice. So in a rage, Bing Ning would not be polite to him, rolled up his sleeves, tied up his hair, took out the magic amethyst necklace and turned it into a magic amethyst sickle, smashed the ban laid by yuanshi Tianzun completely with all his strength, and rushed straight into the ruins, and anything in the way disappeared completely under a thunderbolt fireball. It is also possible that the mythical beast who was temporarily summoned to help also left his duty and fled back to the lower Kunlun Mountains after feeling the terrible resentment and depression of the ice. It may be that yuanshi Tianzun found that it was Bing Ning who broke through the barrier, and specially laid a temporary trap in the back, which was also cracked by Bing Ning's self-made spells one by one. It's impossible to consume her divine power! She casually used the bracelet to absorb the immortal spirit left in the trap that yuan Shi Tianzun was cracked, and used other people's immortal spirit as food to support the war. It's a good strategy. Probably knowing that those inferior traps are ineffective for ice coagulation, yuanshi Tianzun changed to array method, and laid many array methods such as lost trace array and thunder array on the back road to delay the pace of ice coagulation, but unfortunately, as the originator of most array methods, Taishang Laojun has joined hands with ice coagulation, and no one knows more about the array of heaven than he does, so he changed to Taishang Laojun to lead the way. Similarly, take this section of the formation zone as a cement road and go straight through it. Taishang Laojun originally thought that the ability of ice coagulation to challenge heaven should only be a little bit stronger than him. Unexpectedly, she had this ability to destroy the temporary nest of yuanshi Tianzun like this. It was a wise choice to cooperate with her. The strength of the first immortal was the most BT. It seems that BOSS, one of the three strengths of heaven, will soon be replaced. Three seconds of silence for yuanshi Tianzun, early death and early birth. Luan Feng and Mei Huang early to protect the purple star in the side, Bing Ning a look to know in the crazy, no wonder, she so want to see the God of death His Majesty, in the end a clue is actually an opponent, she is not mad is difficult, must not let the purple star His Highness's young heart left a shadow ah. However, a careless, purple star or open the eyes covered by them, completely see the crazy appearance of ice coagulation, he was too surprised to speak. Alas, as expected, he was seen carelessly. Luan Feng and Mei Huang both lamented for their carelessness. His Highness Zixing was frightened. It was the same when he was in heaven last time. At that time, everyone had no time to pay attention to him. Although he later found that Dongfang Wuchou had covered his eyes, his Highness Zixing had dementia for a whole day. Lord Zixing,endless swimming pool, why don't we take you out and wait.. But Purple Star trembled and muttered to herself, "So handsome..". My mother is so handsome. ... The angry mother and concubine look so beautiful. ... I can't help being fascinated by it. Mother, come on! Kill them! 。
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