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Star Ring _ 2 (10th Jan 23 at 2:31am UTC)
"Well, you go and choose the mansion, and your servants and so on can also be brought into the mansion." Lin Tiandao, by the way to swallow the day, red wood, six eyes and Cassius is also a voice, let them go to the imperial city to choose a satisfactory mansion. It is worth mentioning that the mansion in Area C is almost the same in size. The difference is that the style and landscape of each mansion are different. Each God emperor can choose his favorite mansion to live in. The whole Area C has two hundred such mansions. If all of them are full, then there will be more than two hundred masters at the level of God emperor in Qitian Pavilion. But now, In the Qitian Pavilion, there are only sixteen masters at the level of God Emperor. Everything has just begun, Lin Tian also don't expect all of a sudden Qitian pavilion has so many God level master, sixteen, also is already a lot, although can't and the Qin family, the punishment family, the Zhou family and the Jiang family compared, but compared to Cihang Jingzhai Xingyue Zong, also not necessarily less. (Note: Although Qin Zheng and Qin Shi of the Qin Family have fallen, there is no loss in other strengths of the Qin Family for the time being. Therefore, the masters of the Qin family are not comparable to the present Qitian Pavilion. The accumulation of hundreds of millions of years is very terrible.) It didn't take long for those god-level masters to choose their own satisfactory Fudi. Lin Tian at this time, but to the tall castellan mansion in front, in front of the castellan mansion as high as thousands of feet, really let a person have a very small feeling. That's an exaggeration! With a murmur, Lin Tian went to the castellan mansion. As he walked in, the gate of the 100-meter-high castellan mansion was finally opened for the first time. When the gate opened, what came into view was a splendid hall with golden walls. In front of it, the castellan seat was high above, and there were many seats on both sides. Why do I feel like the emperor of the mortal world? Lin Tian smiled slightly, quite satisfied with here, as a man, who does not like high above?! The Lord of Kirin City, speaking of it,jacuzzi manufacturers, is it comparable to the small emperor in the mortal world?! Those emperors, great control of the life and death of billions of people, may not be able to control the life and death of everyone in the territory, and as the Lord of Kirin City, billions of people in Kirin City, life is controlled by it! Lin Tian stepped on the steps and climbed up the high throne of the castellan step by step. Sure enough, the feeling of sitting on the throne of the castellan and looking down was really very good. Come to the castellan's mansion! Lin Tian's voice sounded in the minds of Cassius, the gods, and Wang Long, the gods. It didn't take much time for Wang Long and others to come one by one, and when they saw Lin Tian sitting on the throne of the Lord of the city, they couldn't help feeling a sense of awe in their hearts. See the Lord! Wang Long and others spoke in unison. Lin Tian nodded slightly: "I called you here to discuss with you how to go well in Kirin City. In addition, if you have any other things, you can also bring them up together." "Everything depends on the Lord's orders." A master of the fifth rank of the God Emperor. Lin Tianwei frowned and said, "I don't like to listen to such cliche. If you have any suggestions, just say them. If you're wrong, outdoor whirlpool tub ,hot tub spa manufacturers, as long as the starting point is for the sake of Kirin City and Qitian Pavilion, I won't blame you." Wang Long stepped forward and said, "Lord, your subordinates have something to say." "Wang Long, you speak directly." Lin Tiandao. Pavilion owner, our Qitian Pavilion, at present, some of the spar can not make ends meet. On the Qitian Pavilion site, because our Qitian Pavilion has been operating for a short time, we can not receive too many spar. More than 200,000 Qitian Ge brothers have to send down the crystal every year and other aspects of the expenditure of the crystal, the amount is very large. Wang Long said in a deep voice. "What do you think Wang Long should do?" Asked Lin Tian. "The first is to levy taxes, the second is to own our own divine crystal veins, and the third is whether Qitian Pavilion can properly collect some people who are very talented in business, although they are at a low point. They can't charge for Qitian Pavilion, but they can earn a lot of divine crystals for Qitian Pavilion." Wang Longdao. Lin Tian pondered for a moment, it is certain to levy taxes, but it is not good to levy more taxes or less taxes, and what taxes to levy and how to levy laws need to be carefully discussed. It is not something that can be done for a while. In this regard, there will certainly be a lot of special people responsible for it. The third point is that you can do it as you see fit. You can relax the requirements appropriately, but you don't want all the bad people to come into the Qitian Pavilion. Shenjing vein, if you rely on inspection, there will certainly not be any big discovery in a short time, then it can only be snatched from the hands of other forces, whether there is a target? The tax will be discussed again slowly, and it is not something that can be solved for a while. Whether the other forces in Kirin City are convinced by me, the Lord of Kirin City, or not, it is not realistic to levy taxes now. Without thinking about it, Wang Long said, "Lord, there were two top-grade divine crystal veins in the Evil Man Valley. However, during the decline of the Evil Man Valley, they were occupied by the Ten Thousand Beasts Alliance and the Heavenly Sword Palace respectively. The two veins were not discovered for a long time, and the reserves are still very rich." "Won't they collect them all?"? It shouldn't take much time. Lin Tian asked a very retarded question, but Wang Long was not afraid to laugh at Lin Tian. Lord, this is the case, if the vein is not exhausted, it can continue to grow, and the rate of growth is proportional to the crystal contained in the vein itself. For example, if a vein is completely mined out, then the vein will be completely abandoned, and no new vein will be formed here, and if a part of the crystal is left unmined, then after hundreds of millions of years, a new vein will be formed there. For this reason, the forces that own the lode generally dig the lode as slowly as possible, and of course, there are forces that will do the kind of thing that will drain the lode in a short time. Lin Tian secretly blushed unceasingly, he that year, will be two best God crystal veins to mine,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, but this is no way, who in that case, not all the best God crystal mine is strange!.
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