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Jun Nan Fang (complete edition) (Mei Guo, Mo Fan, (10th Jan 23 at 2:35am UTC)
Minguo shook her head helplessly. As soon as she got back inside, a patient came to the door, so she had to throw away the matter of well water poison and ointment. She was busy until it was time to hold the lamp. Then she closed the door, ate some dry food casually, and sat by the desk to look at the condition of some old patients in the days she had left. Unconsciously, in the third watch, a thunderbolt opened the night sky. Seeing the heavy rain coming, the window was blown open by the strong wind with a clang. The candle on the desk flashed twice and went out. Min-guo drew the fire and failed to light the candle several times in succession, so she had to get up and close the window. A man in black jumped in from the window like lightning. Before Mei-guo could scream, she was covered with her mouth and hooped in her arms. Text Chapter 107 Frozen Kiss Words: 2844 The fruit earned, but was hooped more tightly, ears are whirring wind and their own T sound, the shadow of the leaves on the window lattice. One hand of the man in black clamped the rose fruit, the other hand holding the dense sword hung down, and a sweet smell of blood came to his nostrils. Close the window. The voice of the man in black is cold and heartless, but it can definitely make people draw a line between him and the prostitute who breaks into the woman's boudoir at night. Minguo glanced at the long sword hanging on the side of his leg. The blade was more than one finger narrower than the ordinary long sword, with a dark light similar to her black gold dagger. The man who can use such a sword is definitely not an ordinary person. Fall into the hands of such a person,7g Ozone Generator, can only see step by step, can not be reckless. She closed the window obediently, but before she could withdraw her hands, there was a noisy sound of footsteps outside the courtyard. She intuited that the noise outside was related to the person who had trapped her behind her. She was thinking about how to get away. Her body had been turned over by the other side, and she was pressed by the other side on the wall beside the window. The light of the torch came through the darkness, and the sound of the wind was mixed with human voices. "He's hurt. He can't run far. Search me." "Block the intersection and wait for him to poison." "Be sure to catch them alive. They have been told to live." The man in black was still covering her mouth, while the other hand was still hanging down,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, looking warily at the movement outside the yard. Minguo's body clung to the dark corner, the other side could not see her appearance, but she could see people clearly by the light of the fire outside the window lattice. The eyes exposed outside the black veil are deep and bright, but they are so indifferent that people feel cold. My heart moved. Is it him? When he's not paying attention. He pulled down his veil very quickly. Unfortunately, the other side reacted so quickly that she could not imagine. Obviously, he was concentrating on the movement outside. But before she could see what he looked like. The big hand covering her mouth had covered her eyes. Just got a free mouth. But it was covered with cold softness. Lost his freedom again. Her body stiffened momentarily. The heartbeat is also out of order. The little face was burning fast under his big hand. Then the heat on his face cooled with his cold lips. Finally, there was a chill all over my body. There must be no more cold kiss in the world than this one. It can be frozen from a person's lips to the deepest part of his heart. He took her lips in his mouth. There's no movement. She could feel that his eyes must still be fixed on the window. The eerie atmosphere spread through the room. Minguo blinked. Sweep his palm with long eyelashes. Trying to break the atmosphere that made her feel cold. The hand on her eye loosened slightly. But only where her eyelashes could not touch. Don't let go of her. She reached out and wrote on his back, "You let me go, I won't scream.". The other party ignored it. She also wrote, "I don't want to get rid of you, but your kiss is too cold, too uncomfortable, ceramic bobbin heater core ,alumina c799, I don't like it.". The lips on her lips moved, and you could feel the face of the other side looking out of the window turning to face her. Two people are so deadlocked, Mei Guo is still writing behind him, you let go quickly, I was not killed by you, but you are freezing to death. The other side was motionless, but his body was slowly stiffening. Just as his lips loosened slightly, as if to let go of her, there was a knock on the door. Dr. Shaw, Dr. Shaw, has anyone broken into your place? The lips that had not completely left her quickly pressed down and held her more tightly than before. The knock on the door was more urgent, "Dr. Xiao." Dr. Shaw.. Open the door. Minguo wrote quickly behind him, "If you don't let go of me and respond to them, they will break in.". The other's lips hesitated and relaxed slightly. She wrote again, "Don't worry, I won't betray you.". He seemed to have made up his mind to bet on this game, and with his head tilted, he let go of her lips, but his body was still pressed against her, and he did not allow her to be free. No one answered. Is there no one? "It shouldn't be." Before the shift, my mother came to get the medicine. "Is something wrong?" "Go in and have a look." There was a sound of footsteps running away, presumably retreating and preparing to rush forward to hit the door. "Don't break my door!" Cried Minguo. "Who is making so much noise?" For the sake of convenience, Meiguo said to the outside world that she and Sean were brother and sister, so people in the city thought her surname was Xiao. Dr. Xiao is here. He stopped outside and was ready to hit the door. "Dr. Xiao, has anyone suspicious come to you?" "As soon as I went to sleep, I was woken up by you. No one came. What happened?" Minguo could hear him breathe a sigh of relief and smile slightly, but he also admired his strength. In such a situation, his heart did not beat faster. It's all right, it's all right. We're catching the assassin. Don't bother. The footsteps went to the next room, the light of the fire disappeared on the window lattice, and the door was quiet again. The hand covering her eyes was taken away, and at the same time the body against her left. I'm sorry. I've offended you so much. Please forgive me. The two men looked at each other in the dark, and in the dark they could only see a rough outline. Minguo looked at the outline in the dark, listening to the voice, the mind is just seen the cold eyes, secretly wry smile, the world is too small. If another woman kisses someone like this, just say something offensive? The other party could not wait for her answer, thinking that she was angry with him,10g Ozone Generator, and said lightly, "I'm sorry." Turn to the window and open it with one hand. Your injury needs to be treated. Min Guo reached out and pressed the window. "If you don't deal with the poison of your wound, you'll go out and it won't be long before it's poisoned. You can't escape in the end." 。
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