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Strange God Yang Xiaoxie (10th Jan 23 at 2:37am UTC)
"That boy is not dead, so awesome." "The inner alchemy must have been taken away by him." "Shall we go and ask him if he has killed the white python?". "Maybe he didn't get the inner alchemy like that!" ,“………” 。 Everyone has their own ideas, but they only care about whether the inner alchemy is on the body of Xiao Xie. Xiao Xie ignored them and walked slowly to Xiao Ding's side, full of resentment. He had been watching the play, but it turned into acting, and it ended. When Xiaoding saw that Xiaoxie had gone ashore, she was so happy that she forgot that Xiaoxie had caught a cold now. She said, "Why are you so slow to come up?"? I'm worried to death! Xiao Xie gave her a white look and shouted, "Smelly Xiaoding, what are you doing here when you are free?"? I'll deal with you later. How's Xiao Qi? Xiaoding said with a smile, "Fortunately, I only suffered internal injuries and my life was not in danger." Seeing that Xiao Qi was in no danger, Xiao Xie relaxed a lot. "You're here to risk your life, aren't you?" He shouted? I'll hit you! With a bang, Xiao Xie had spanked her buttocks, but he didn't laugh. Xiaoding kept screaming. He blushed and shouted, "Don't mess around, Xiaoxie. There are so many people. I'm so ashamed!" Said the head has been lowered, very embarrassed. Xiao Xie proudly pursed his lips and cried, "Why do you dare to come here when you know you are ashamed?"? Tell the truth! Xiao Ding blushed and pointed not far away. "For her!" He said. Xiao Xie followed Xiao Ding's gesture and exclaimed,cantilever racking system, "Green Apple?"? What's the matter with Xiaoding? Xiaoding said, "Less than three months after I came back, Xiao Qi brought Miss Qing to see me. Miss Qing has been thinking about you all the time. As a result, she became ill like this. She couldn't take the medicine well, and the doctor was at a loss what to do. Xiao Qi was very nervous. He was afraid that she would die and you would blame him when you came back. So he was anxious to find the elixir, so he came here." She looked at Xiao Xie with a little fear, fearing that he would "surprise" herself again. Xiaopeng glanced at her and shouted,drive in racking system, "Granny, you little watches are really miscellaneous. I can't beat you. Bring the green apple here quickly and let me have a look." Xiaoding immediately went over and picked up the green apple and put it on the ground. Then Ah San called out, "Little Evil Sect Leader, someone is coming." "What do you want to do?" Cried Xiao Xie. "We want the inner elixir of the python," said someone. The little evil thought, "Grandma's are all villains." "What inner elixir, outer elixir?" He cried? I haven't seen it, and I haven't killed the python. You have to go to the lake to find it yourself. "Do you dare to let us search you?" Asked the man. "Search your mother's head, a three-point dynamite!" Small evil airway. A San immediately lit the dynamite and gave it to Xiao Xie. As soon as they saw it, they took to their heels, pushing and shoving like a lost dog. Run for what? Xiao Xie caught up with him and threw a drop of dynamite and turned back. "Boom!" There was a loud noise, and a howl was heard everywhere. The explosion killed more than a dozen people. "Damn it!" Cried Xiao Xie! Don't run if you dare! I repeat, the inner alchemy is not here. If you have the ability, you can jump to the bottom of the lake and ask for the python. He turned to Ah San and Ah Si and said, heavy duty cantilever racks ,push back racking system, "Whoever comes over will be bombed. Don't stand on ceremony." A San was very interested in Xiao Xie's neat technique. He laughed and said, "Blow up their heads!"! As you wish? Giggle Facing the crowd, he felt very powerful when he held the explosives in his hand. Xiao Xie first looked at Xiao Qi's injury and took out a golden needle to treat Xiao Qi's injury. Soon he looked at what was wrong with the green apple. Feel the pulse for a long time, he only felt that the green apple breath is very weak, the body is too weak and did not find out the cause of the disease. He took out the inner alchemy, squeezed a little for Xiao Qi, and then squeezed a little for Ping Ping. Then he shouted to Xiao Ding, "Xiao Ding opened his mouth to divide the spoils!" "What is this?" Asked Xiaoding, looking at the hidden wonder in his hand. "Inner alchemy, my inner alchemy," cried Xiao Xie. "I've been practicing it for millions of years. Why don't you open your mouth?" Knowing that it was the inner alchemy of the python, Xiaoding happily opened Cherry's mouth. Xiao Xie also squeezed a little into her mouth and said with a smile, "How's it going?"? Is it delicious? There was a little schadenfreude in his smile, because he had not eaten very well just now, and he wanted to make Xiaoding suffer. Xiaoding felt a little bitter, but it was cool and sweet. "Not bad," she said with a smile. Suddenly she felt a heat rising in her abdomen, and she sat down nervously to exercise. Seeing that she didn't complain, Xiao Xie went to Ah San and Ah Si with a little disappointment. "Those who see her have a share," he said. "Each of you has a share." The two men soon took the inner elixir. Ah Si said with a smile, "I knew the Little Evil Sect Leader would bring back the inner alchemy. These people.." "Wow!" Holding his stomach in his arms, he added, "Little Evil Sect Leader, the inner alchemy is making trouble. I'm going to exercise my skills to guide the inner alchemy into the whole body. It's your turn to take care of the masses." Without waiting for Xiao Xie to answer, he sat down to exercise. A San also laughed and began to work. Small evil thought: "Strange?"? I didn't feel anything when I took the inner elixir, but how could they do that? In fact, he took too much elixir, and the inner alchemy could not make him sick. Thinking about it, he immediately picked up the explosives and watched the crowd. When the crowd saw Ah San, Ah Si, and Little Ding all sitting down to meditate, they were surprised. Someone asked, "Hello!"! Watch! Can't you give them the inner alchemy? "So what if it is?" Asked Xiao Xie with a smile? So what if it's not? "If so," said the man with a smirk, "I'll kill them and cut open their stomachs to take out the inner alchemy." "You might as well try it," said Xiao Xie with a smile. He stepped forward, and the crowd immediately backed away for fear of being hurt by the explosives. Xiao Xie went up and drew a line on the ground, shouting, "If anyone walks through this line, I guarantee that you will die without a burial place. Welcome to try!" Then he came back and looked at the crowd with a light smile. Volume XVII They did not dare to cross the line again. When Xiao Qi took the inner elixir, he immediately reacted. His face was flushed and his breathing was accelerated. He seemed to be in great pain. Seeing this, Xiao Xie knew that it was the inner alchemy walking in his body, which was in harmony with the True Qi. Soon he would wake up and the injury would be alleviated a lot. The green apple now blushed and kept talking as if in a dream. Xiaoding, a San and a Si have gradually improved,Teardrop Pallet Racking, and the ruddy blood on their faces has gradually receded. Suddenly Someone shouted, "Yang Xiaoxie, do you still recognize me?" 。
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