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Tales of Floating Life 3 (3rd Feb 23 at 3:25am UTC)
Blood and yellow sand, interwoven in the wind, fascinated her eyes. The scene in front of her, the memory of the past, the anger and unwillingness forced to calm, suddenly broke free of the chains and rushed to her dry heart like a beast. She only remembered that time had paused for a moment, the sky had darkened for a moment, and her body, as if it had died for a while, had come back to life. The celestial world is indeed in chaos. The Emperor of Heaven hid in his bedroom all day and refused to see anyone. His wife is no longer obsessed with dressing up, all day long with her men, I do not know what to do in the human world. I only heard that many beautiful women died in the places where she had been. She refused to work for any of the gods, pointing to the nose of the God of war and saying contemptuously, "Your wisdom is less than one in ten thousand of mine." The angry God of war, naturally, would not tolerate such an evaluation. They had a fight, and both sides were hurt. The God of war failed to take advantage of the little Tianyin. So much for you. She covered the wound, but the beast in her chest was particularly proud and growing bigger and bigger. She is no longer a mouthpiece according to the wishes of others. Now, she is a real God. She tells humans which direction to go. She judges who is right and who is wrong and who deserves to die. Her words are the absolute truth. Because she believed in her wisdom and believed that no one in the world would be smarter than her. She enjoyed more and more the submission and belief of human beings,Magnesium Oxide powder, and later, when someone doubted her, her first thought was to kill the person. Everything she says is right, and there will be no problem. Any doubt is a capital offense. Until that innocent tribe, because of her words, all of them were buried under the ice and snow forever. She enjoyed the highest treatment in this tribe. Because it was she who guided this barren tribe to migrate here. Nowadays, in their lives,Magnesium Oxide MgO, there are abundant water and grass, flocks of cattle and horses, and no worries about food and clothing. She is sincerely admired by all. And she also regarded the tribe at the foot of the mountain as her palace in the human world, marking her great and wise place. So damn the blind old priest for saying that he could understand animals. Soon, there will be a blizzard here and we must move away as soon as possible. Joke ah, she chose the place, how can there be such a problem? Can a blind old man be more powerful than a God? She ordered the head of the priest to be cut off, appeasing a small commotion. Then she went to another place comfortably to be the judge of another war. A few days later, when she returned to the foot of the mountain, her "palace" had become a permanent nightmare. No, how can it be such a result? She is a God who has never made a mistake! Unforgivable.. After three days in the snow, the beast in her heart began to roar angrily. She became a real beast. She rushed to any place in the world and caught anyone. She would ask, "Answer me, magnesium nitrate hexahydrate ,Magnesium Sulphate price, am I the most powerful God in the world?" All the people who shook their heads or said they didn't know were torn in two by her. I don't know when all the people who saw her began to shout in horror, "Monster!" Those who once worshipped her fled in fright. She still repeated her questions and killings, but she dared not look at herself any more. Everything that could reflect her figure, she was far away. Her head, too, became more and more painful, as if it had been filled with stones, and there was no gap. Until that full moon night, with blood on her hands, she stood alone in the ruins, panting, and a warm and strong hand gently pressed her shoulder. Come with me. You need a sleep with a friend. Looking back, her eyes, only a vague, strange figure, under the moonlight, rippling into a cool color. And this cool and warm feeling also wrapped her up in an instant. The heart became unusually calm, no anger, no killing. So heavy, so comfortable a sleep. No space, no time, she stopped in a nihilistic and real color, light green, light red, like the first peach blossom in spring. A strange movement suddenly startled away her sleepiness. When she slowly opened her eyes, a white donkey with a tuft of red hair on its head appeared in the field of vision, ran foolishly and bumped into herself. This is her first meeting with ninety-eight. 7 It was a long time before she realized whether she had been sealed, or whether she had been sealed in an emerald stone where a stupid donkey lived. The feeling of being sealed is not so uncomfortable. In the past, she had seen some monsters sealed by the gods, each of which was worse than death. But the man who sealed her didn't seem to want to make her feel bad. The world in the stone is sometimes very big and sometimes very small. When she is in a good mood, this empty boundary can give birth to a vague landscape, mountains and rivers, or pavilions, and sometimes a grassland full of flowers; when she is in a bad mood, everything will disappear, only snow will continue to fall. This donkey is the only living thing in the sealed world with her. At first, she disdained to talk to a donkey. But the donkey was obviously a chatterbox, telling her all about his origin and life in Taoyuan. The donkey did not have any mad time, even if she looked at him coldly, he could enjoy himself. He can plant a peach tree in this sealed world of nothingness, water and care for it every day, and wait for them to blossom and bear fruit. Then he gave her the strange berries from the peach tree to eat. He also told her that berries are best when they are not "overgrown". Slowly,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, she was infected by the simple and hard-working donkey, and was willing to chat with him and eat the berries he planted. Whether these peach trees and fruits are real or illusory, the taste is really good. Each fruit tastes different. Why is this happening? She finally took the initiative to talk to ninety-eight.
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