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Divine Seal Throne-Tang Jiasanshao (3rd Feb 23 at 3:25am UTC)
Two blood stains began to appear on the endless road to heaven, from shallow to deep, and when she climbed the 57th step, the blood stains changed from two to three. The third blood stain came from Cai'er's forehead. Chen Ying'er had already thrown herself into Yang Wenzhao's arms and could not bear to go, crying bitterly. Everyone else closed their eyes unconsciously. Their body and mind are trembling violently, Cai Er, is really too strong. Cai'er didn't stop. She didn't seem to feel any pain. Level 50, 60, 70, 80. She just went up step by step, hard and faltering. Her body had already begun to shake, and the blood stains left on the ground began to appear, and liquid blood flowed down the stairs. But she is still up, still keep climbing. In the dark, there seems to be an unparalleled strength supporting her body, which is becoming more and more fragile. Boom "On the 112th step, Cai'er suddenly fell down and hit the step in front of her heavily, but her right hand was hard on the surface of the step, and her toes were on the step below, so that she could not slide down.". Blood stained the hem of the long skirt and slipped down the toes. Cai'er's pretty face, which had never been seen before, was now covered with blood. Her body is trembling violently because she has suffered too much, only her eyes, the moonlight is still persistent and firm. With a violent gasp, she managed to move up another step. "Bang", bow again. This time, however, she failed to get up again, and her eyes darkened and she fell into a coma. Cai'er "light m mén outside, the clear crowd of coincidentally shouted out loud.". Wang yuanyuan even could not bear to use his body to hit the barrier of the light mmén, but was directly bounced away. Not Chen Yinger, even Sima Xian, Lin Xin,Magnesium Oxide MgO, Han Yu, these big men, have not gone down. The three blood stains, like three sharp swords, pierced their hearts fiercely. But now they can't do anything, they can't get into the light, and naturally they can't help Cai'er. They can only stand here and watch. The scarlet stain of blood on the golden steps. There is no change in the road to heaven, and everything remains the same. There is no end to the ladder of gold's sè. An hour passed. Cai'er's body suddenly moved slightly, her arms supporting her body, slowly lifted, and she woke up. Without looking back, she only paused for a moment, then struggled to get up, took a step up, and knelt down again. Just then, the blood reappeared on a new step. Cai'er. Chen Yinger and Wang yuanyuan were already in tears. Their voices were already hoarse from crying. The men were already red-eyed, potassium sulphate fertilizer ,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, and their clenched fists and fingernails had pierced their palms. How they wished they could board the road to heaven to replace Cai'er! One step, two steps, three steps, four steps.. After waking up, Cai'er is still so strong. Long Haochen, who was carrying her on his back, was now as heavy as a mountain to her, but that was all the sustenance in her heart! Life is endless, and progress is endless. Either die on this road to heaven, or save my man. In Cai'er's mind, he kept repeating this sentence. This time, she went up twenty-eight steps, and when she fell again, she fell straight into a coma. However, even so, when she fell down, she still stuck to the steps in front of her, not letting herself want to slide down. Climb, faint, climb again, faint again.. Cai'er fell down again and again, and climbed up again and again. When she climbed up the hundredth step, she had become a bloody person. By this time, she had fainted for the seventh time on the road to heaven. Chen Yinger has cried fainted in the past, others are frantically attacking the light m mén barrier, only in this way can they vent the pain and suffering in their hearts at this time. Cai'er's knees have long lost their complete skin, and her white bones are directly outside, and her white and slender beauty is always spasming unconsciously at this time. Because of excessive blood loss, the whole person showed a morbid pallor. Her life is being lost at an alarming rate, and the road to heaven is still not to the end. This time, Cai'er fainted for a special time. It took her seven hours to wake up again. Cai'er, Cai'er, "the dawn of light," the crowd frantically bombarded the barrier in front of them, and they shouted at the top of their lungs. They really couldn't go on, and they wanted to tell her not to go on. The sixth step leading to the seventh step tortured them far more than the previous test! However, Cai'er never looked back. She raised her head slightly. In her eyes, all she could see was a piece of blood. She managed to move her body, but she found that she could not get up. The seven faints had consumed all her strength. Her life is coming to an end. Also in this afternoon, suddenly, a bright front, a huge flash of light m mén appeared outside the ten steps, golden light shining, light m mén slowly opened, faintly revealing the world of gold s sè behind. mén…… Cai Er yuan's eyes, which were already somewhat gray, suddenly brightened at the moment he arrived at the big m mén. Hope. Hope is at hand. When she arrived, so did the people of the Light Dawn Demon Hunting Group, and they quieted down unconsciously. Clenched his teeth in pain as he watched the light that appeared higher. Cai'er's double tutu had lost consciousness, but at this moment her eyes became very bright, carrying Long Haochen on her back, her arms desperately dragged herself and Long Haochen's body up a step, and her forehead collided forcefully on the step. Deep traces of blood were left on the steps,calcium ammonium nitrate price, and the golden sè's way to heaven was even glowing with a faint red light because of the blood she had left behind. But Cai Er does not care about all this, big m mén is in front of us, hope is in front of us. I will be able to take Haochen into this light and revive him.
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