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Creation of the Star River of the Six Tracks (3rd Feb 23 at 4:59am UTC)
Zhang Lan is also the manager who once wanted to enter the overlord, and she is naturally familiar with the structure of the overlord. I know where it is. After drinking up the cup, the evil ghost put down the teacup and said, "Let's introduce it again. The next evil ghost is the chief of the heavy industry section of the former overlord scientific research center." "How big an official is that?" The nightingale was puzzled and asked Zhang Lan in a low voice. In Bawang Group, the rank of the scientific research department is much higher than the ordinary administrative level, the chairman is the board of directors, the board of directors is the scientific research officer, and the chief of the heavy industry section. Higher than the regional president. Zhang Lan awestruck, to know this level, can claim to be under a dozen people, hundreds of millions of people above the absolute power. What is more terrible is that, in terms of age, when he sat in this position, the evil ghost was only 20 years old, gifted is not enough to describe his official career, it is simply evil. But what Zhang Lan doesn't understand is, "Why give up this position?"? If you could keep working until today, you would be a member of the board of directors. "Because it hurts here." The evil ghost patted himself on the chest. "In the group system,warehouse storage racks, no matter where you are, you are constantly squeezing the next layer to get survival nutrients. All departments take performance as the only evaluation criterion. If you want to make performance, you have to trample on other lives.". I have seen subordinates who gave their wives to their superiors in order to make the report look better. I have seen clerks who were bullied and dared not make a sound. I have seen all the people who looked at me with flattery and fear. "I just want a more real life, so I would rather choose to wander than live in such a false illusion.". Cheating is not my area of expertise, research, can be done anywhere, but the human touch is not everywhere. "Are you the most capricious person I have ever met,heavy duty cantilever racks, or is it affectation?" Zhang Lan's words are also more "presumptuous", the evil ghost did not get angry, but laughed. Ha ha ha, affectation is affectation. It's better than looking at the green lotus of those people. I am a very simple person. I will pay off the money and cheat people for their lives. It's my fault to hurt you, and I'll give it back to you now. The evil ghost said that he took out Zhang Lan's silver viper revolver from under the table and put it on the table. This was the weapon Zhang Lan handed over when she entered the door. "Come on, give me a shot, and we'll be clear." "Evil Master?"? What are you doing? The nightingale panicked. All right, I'll do what you ask. Without hesitation, Zhang Lan picked up the revolver and shot the evil ghost in the chest. With a bang, the sitting ghost flew 1 meter after being beaten and fell on the cobblestone floor. Are you crazy?! Really shoot?! The nightingale's head exploded with the shot, and the end of killing evil spirits was no different from killing heaven. However, her reaction was also very quick. She immediately grabbed the tea knife on the table and held it in her backhand, ready to deal with the attack of a large number of fallen street guards. But when she looked back, industrial racking systems ,heavy duty cantilever racks, she found that the guards with guns around her were motionless, just like Zhang Lan shot and killed a stranger. Well, son of a bitch, can't you wait till I get up before you shoot me? I hit my head. It hurts! The evil spirit who should have become a "corpse" actually spoke. He sat up, and the robe on his chest exploded a hole the size of a basketball, exposing a layer of armor forged by red edges and black scales. That's good. I'm loaded with depleted uranium 235 penetrators. Within a meter, even the frontal armor of a four-legged spider tank can't stop the warhead. Zhang Lanhao has long known that this is a "product display", but he is very satisfied with the product effect. You're satisfied, even if I haven't worked in vain in the last seven days. The evil ghost sighed and stood up, took off his robe, and exposed a monster-like red-edged black scale armor, which used natural S-class strange animal scales, combined with modern matrix composite forging method to create armor, with a thickness of only 2 mm and a total weight of 10 kg, but it can turn people into real human tanks. The material of red-edged black scales is very good, and my craftsmanship is also very good. The newly developed matrix splicing method reduces the thickness of the armor by 70%, but increases the defensive power by 50%, covering 92% of the whole body, and the special treatment of joints reduces the impact on action to 5%. The most important thing is that this armor is inherently resistant to radioactive substances, except for the dust of the sacred stone, the known radiation sources can play an effective defense. And then try another shot.
"This time the evil spirit was ready and stood up straight." Boom! Zhang Lan did not hesitate, and hit the chest of the evil ghost, this time the impact of kinetic energy, unexpectedly let the black scale armor on the body of the evil ghost like ripples on the lake turned up, until behind and then returned to its original state. Decomposition kinetic energy?! Zhang Lan was shocked. This is the power of Matrix Forging, which decomposes and devours the kinetic energy of attacking the body from the full armor to ensure that the supply of penetrating damage to the human body is minimized. In terms of defense level, this set of black scale armor completely explodes all armor except hard mobile armor. The evil spirit also smiled with satisfaction. Chapter 112 Blood Demon Knife. When Zhang Lan was hung on the gate tower, the evil ghost did not stop for a moment. 108 craftsmen cut the core area of red edge and black scale in the most primitive way, spliced it in a fine way of 0.1 mm, and then spliced it in accordance with the cold extraction matrix. The whole process was like the finest needlework, forging the black scale armor in front of Zhang Lan inch by inch. Seeing the armor that can shine brilliantly under the candlelight, Zhang Lan knew that her seven days of suffering had not been in vain. Each piece of black scale armor consumes up to 1000 pieces of scales, eliminating defective products and engineering losses, and can eventually give you about 80 sets. At present, 50 sets have been completed, and the rest can be delivered within 7 days. The data of evil spirits as craftsmen is accurate. Thank you Zhang Lan nodded and saluted sincerely. Besides, you don't seem to have a handy melee weapon? The evil ghost discovered from the beginning that Xiaoyao City has been fighting in an unusually tough way since ancient times, advocating close combat, so after having enough powerful long-range firepower, it still pays attention to close combat capability, so the famous generals will be equipped with conspicuous close combat weapons. In the past, I used the Ripper's ion vibration scalpel,mobile racking systems, which worked well, but recently I ran out of blades. Zhang Lan said helplessly. You don't have to use that kind of thing anymore. The evil ghost snapped his fingers, and the two men carried a 2-meter-long metal box and laid it flat on the tea table.
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