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Be a female companion in the age text [wear quickl (22nd Dec 22 at 6:20am UTC)
Be a female companion in the age text [wear quickly]
But at this time outside the rooster just played the last crow, not long before dawn, it is a good time to sleep late, run a wool ah. Qian Baoli opened her eyes in a daze and muttered, "You just run. What are you pulling her to do? Are you dragging her back?"? Wei Sinian said that you said last night that your physique was poor and your body was weak. Let's go and run together in the morning to exercise. If you stick to it for a period of time, you will definitely become strong. Are you the devil? Qian Baoli was sobered by this reason, and immediately asked dumbfounding. "I am not the devil, I am your man, get up quickly," answered Wei Sinian solemnly, standing at the head of the bed and pulling her by the corner. "If you want to run, you can run. I want to sleep." Qian Baoli rolled up the quilt and obviously didn't want to get up. Wei Sinian's unexpected insistence, Mo had to discuss, to see whether she would cooperate or not, immediately stepped back to bed, decisively and neatly peeled off the quilt she was wrapped in, and then the next step was to wear clothes next to her body. Stop, stop, stop! Can't I go with you? Qian Baoli was finally defeated. Dog man, recognize one thing is very stubborn, it seems that last night is willing to let her go, or the other side deliberately showed mercy. With a lament,tube fitting manufacturer, Qian Baoli got up and put on her clothes. She said to herself, "You are not only my man, but also a spy sent by a monkey to punish me. You don't let people sleep in the morning. You have to get up and do some morning running exercises. If you had known that last night, you wouldn't have found any reason to refuse him. It made a big man's desire and dissatisfaction torment her in disguise.". It's a good thing she didn't get up, or they'd be fighting in bed right now. When they both got out of bed and tidied up, the sound of fetching water had already come from the courtyard, and it should be Mother Qian who got up and began to make breakfast. Not long after that, Qian Fu's voice began to ring. When Qian Baoli pushed the door and went out, the couple were cooking and burning in the kitchen,38 needle valve, but they didn't find that their daughter and son-in-law got up early today. Wei Sinian went to the yard to stretch his long hands and feet, and hooked his fingers to his daughter-in-law, indicating that he would go out to run with her. Qian Baoli had the intention to escape to the kitchen to help Qian's mother cook, but the dog man saw through it and grabbed the back of his neck and forced him to slip out. The difference in strength between men and women left her no room for resistance. It was still early, the sun had not yet risen, the birds had begun to chirp in the morning, and the air was very fresh. Captain Qian's house is on the edge of the village, not far from a dirt road, winding at the end to the foot of the mountain. In the past, Qian's father used to go up the mountain to cut bamboo. Weiss has been sent down for a few months, and he is no stranger to this place. The places for morning running are all ready-made. A round trip, home without delay for dinner. “……” You are strong, you have the final say! To be honest, the captain's home is not far from the foot of the mountain, and you can see a small green hill very close when you look up, 14 needle valve ,pipe fittings manufacturer, but there is an old saying that the mountain runs a dead horse, and the mountain looks close, but in fact.. It is indeed close, but the small dirt road is not to force ah, winding around the increase I do not know how much distance. Wei SiNian don't look thin, people's physical quality is really good, all the way to the foot of the mountain without panting, simply not too relaxed. And Qian Baoli, who was following behind, was quite miserable. In comparison, she was panting and tired into a dead dog. As soon as she arrived at the place, she almost collapsed on the ground, was dragged up by Wei Sinian, stumbled and ran back to the door from the foot of the mountain, her legs were completely weak, and finally she was dragged back by him on the latter. Qian Mu had already set up breakfast at that time. She had just gone to their room and knocked on the door. When she saw the two men coming back from outside the door, she instantly said, "I said no one answered when I knocked on the door. It turned out that they had gone out." "What are you doing? Are you all right, daughter?" Seeing that Qian Baoli was sweating all over and her face was not right, Qian's mother immediately came over nervously and asked. Qian Baoli stood trembling with her mother's strength, waved her hand feebly to show that she was all right, and felt her throat smoking and speaking. Wei Sinian explained to Qian's mother that he saw that his daughter-in-law was weak, so he took her to exercise early in the morning and ran on the path outside the house. Everything was difficult at the beginning, and the reaction seemed more serious. Later, he gradually adapted to it. Because it was really good for her daughter, Qian's mother not only did not object, but also praised her son-in-law for doing a good job.
Although she loves her daughter's suffering, it's a matter of her health. When she's a mother, she can't stop her at random. It's good for her son-in-law to help her exercise. If you want her, you can't be cruel. Their husband and wife have such a small Jiao Jiao for most of their lives, or only in middle age, usually spoiled a little, only to develop her four bodies are not diligent and grain is not divided into delicate body, now while young to ask someone to help her break over quite good. Wei Sinian readily agreed that it was no problem to leave it to him. Qian Baoli had no one to support her, so she had to mourn her lost beauty sleep time, and then ate an extra bowl of porridge and a steamed bun for breakfast. The effect was so remarkable. Qian's father and mother were overjoyed to see this. You should know that her daughter usually eats like a cat, and her appetite for a day is not enough for a meal. Even if the whole village starves to death in the famine years, she will not starve to death, because she can be filled with anything. Now I have eaten half more, all thanks to my good son-in-law! Wei Sinian accepted the praise with a smile and raised the corners of his mouth to the daughter-in-law beside him. Qian Baoli didn't want to talk to him. After dinner, she became a shrimp with soft feet. Her legs were so weak that she couldn't walk. Until she was carried back to the new house by a stuffy and coquettish dog man. Then she soaked her feet, rubbed her legs and massaged her legs in a one-stop service. She was served comfortably, and the gas was dispersed. Time was spent in the weakness of her legs and feet, and she stayed in the house for another day without going out. Wait until the evening after washing, Wei Sinian again stretched out his hand across the thunder pool, Qian Baoli half push half on the ground along with him did not refuse, ready to get up tomorrow morning, but did not expect the dog man this time is very measured, make to 10 o'clock or so on the retreat, and then still insist on holding her to sleep. Qian Baoli was so tired that she closed her eyes and fell into a deep sleep. In her dream,38 tube fitting, she felt that she had become a lovely Samoyed. She was chased around by a majestic big black back. Finally, she had nowhere to escape and was caught by the other side and brought back to the nest. When she woke up the next day, she was mercilessly dug out of bed by a dog man and slipped out early in the morning to do morning exercises.
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