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The Story of the Postmodern Imperial Concubine (En (22nd Dec 22 at 6:21am UTC)
The Story of the Postmodern Imperial Concubine (End) _ Pai Pai Novels
Perhaps the beauty of love itself lies in its fleeting, blooming moment as gorgeous as fireworks, and then in the blink of an eye, has disappeared without a trace, people want to catch but can not catch. Silence spread between the two men, when the waiter came up and asked, "Are you ready to order?" Su Jin smiled and said to Qiao Xuan, "I still have something to do, so I have to go first." Then he stood up and held out his hand gracefully, "Joseph, I wish you happiness." Qiao Xuan calm face, but still maintained a gentleman's demeanor, got up and shook her hand, "think about it, Ren Renée, I will wait for you." Su Jin smiled faintly, did not speak again, turned around and left without looking back. After six years of long-distance love, it finally came to a bleak end. Relief, loss, sadness, and many indescribable emotions in the chest tangled into a mass, Su Jin casually rushed into a bar,stainless steel shower tray, drinking, to pay tribute to the lost love. She had been trying to chase his back, but when he finally looked back at her, she took the initiative to let go. Maybe I'm old, so I'm tired at last. Qiao Xuan is Su Jin's predecessor at Haye University. When she went to university, he was already studying for a doctorate and was also a lecturer in her finance subject. Qiaoxuan, who has excellent appearance and academic excellence, has long been a character like the prince on campus, and Su Jin is the age of dreaming. She easily falls into the vulgar 8 o'clock plot and falls in love with Qiaoxuan at first sight. After that,Time Delay Tap, she plays a bold personality that is not in line with her appearance. She hints and makes it clear that she is almost clinging to her. Three months after they started dating, they moved in together. Qiao Xuan graduated early and went to work for a famous investment bank in Wall Street. After graduation, she followed suit and became a member of Mahadun's elite army. Life at this point, it seems to have been almost perfect, but as the work is more and more busy, two people have less and less time to communicate, she had thought about changing a less stressful job, but always felt that in that case, she would be more distant from Qiao Xuan. She always hoped that she could stand side by side with him, not behind him. Of course, this is Su Jin's selfishness, but from another point of view, it can also be said that Qiao Xuan has never given her enough sense of security. His vision is too far, run too fast, let Su Jin chase too hard. Finally, at a time like this, Urinal Manual Flush Valve ,Prison toilet for sale, it happened. Su Jin received an anonymous letter in the mailbox of the apartment where they lived together, which contained only a picture of Qiao Xuan kissing an unknown woman. Perhaps kissing itself is not an earth-shaking problem, Su Jin is not very interested in this sneaky method of alienation, but the nerves that have been tense for a long time have finally been torn off by this heavy bullet. So without saying anything, she quietly resigned and packed up to return home. When she left, she only left the photo on the dining table at home. Is that a good enough reason? In fact, at that time, Su Jin still had expectations in her heart, expecting him to tolerate his willfulness, expecting him to look back at her.. But he didn't come. 。 Let their love fire, swaying in the wind, be completely extinguished. The end of a relationship, sometimes can not say who is at fault, and finally can only sigh out of it. 12. A starting point "The mole was silenced." On the computer screen was the mysterious man with glasses who appeared in Qinchuan's room that day. Qin Chuan is not surprised "hum" a, "expected. Any leads? "Well, it's an interesting clue." The mysterious man smiled with interest. You can see it when you go back. But when are you going back? "What's going on with the old man?" Qin Chuan did not answer the rhetorical question with an indifferent face. How to say? Worn out? The expression on the mysterious man's face was almost gloating. Qin Chuan lowered his eyes, "I will think carefully." Only then did he answer the mystery man's previous question. The sound of opening the door came from the gate, and Qin Chuan frowned, "I'll contact you later." Quickly pressed the escape button, and the screen returned to its normal window background. Tonight Su Jin's footsteps were a little shaky, Qin Chuan listened for a while, or decided to go out and have a look, the result opened the door, just in time to help a woman who almost fell to the ground.
Smelling the smell of alcohol on Su Jin's body, Qin Chuan frowned and said sarcastically, "I didn't expect you to be so busy that you still have the pleasure of drinking." Su Jin smiled unconsciously, "I'm crossed in love." There was a strange feeling in Qin Chuan's chest, and before he could figure out what it was, he asked, "Do you have a boyfriend?" Why doesn't it look like that? He lived with her for so long, no date, no phone.. If this kind of boyfriend No matter what. Who knows Su Jin's confused answer made him almost fall down, "half a year ago." Qin Chuan pulled the corners of his mouth, but his mood was inexplicably relaxed, and he joked, "Is your system delay too serious?"? Is it time to change the CPU? Su Jin has been drunk to a certain extent, he said a joke, she actually frowned seriously for a while, and then murmured in a low voice, "it's time to change.." I don't know what to change.. Does she really think she's a computer? Can I change the CPU? Qin Chuan, a black line, helped her to the bedroom, saw her take off her coat, and staggered into the bathroom. Can I take a shower when I'm so drunk? When Qin Chuan wanted to go back to his room to sleep, he hesitated for a while at the door of her bedroom, but still stayed, intending to wait for her to get out of the bath safely. However, Qin Chuan did not expect that the "bathroom sleeping/fainting incident book" he was worried about did not happen in the script, but what appeared in the script was a more bloody plot. Su Jin actually took a bath and came out wearing only a silk suspender pajamas just over her buttocks. She was still a little wet, and her pajamas were translucent on her body, and even the tip of the bud on her chest and the sexy area of her lower body could be seen clearly because of the excitement of flushing. She's wearing nothing under her pajamas. Clearly aware of this,Flush valve price, Qin Chuan embarrassed not to open his eyes, the muscles of the whole body are tight up. Su Jin is a very beautiful woman, but he is not Liu Xia Hui.
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