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Try to be attracted to me. (22nd Dec 22 at 6:31am UTC)
Try to be attracted to me.
Yu Chun understood that Shen had a complaint in his heart. If the relationship between the Shen family was really to be sorted out, she could shoot a drama about the struggle for a rich and powerful family. It was a bit like a harem drama. She was not afraid of cheating. Maybe at the beginning, she was a simple introvert in many people's eyes. The only foolish thing she had ever done in her life was to believe that Liuhuo Weiyang. But in that case, She could also understand her stupidity at that time, but in fact, even if she was well protected, in such a circle, who was absolutely simple and kind. Of course, she did not love the wrong person, although the relationship between the Shen family is very chaotic, but Shen Jing has been protecting her from those dark sides, no matter how much the relatives of the family hate her in their hearts, at least maintain the surface of intimacy, she knows that these people are very afraid of Shen Jing. It seems to be good to be a pure person in the heart of a lover all the time. Yu Chun nodded, "when I had dinner with Jiayin before, I met her brother, who is a very good child." "Not to mention Lu Guoan, even Ah Zhao will not let his brother-in-law become the second generation ancestor. The Lu family and the Liang family are tied together, and the two enterprises will only get better and better in the future." Hearing what Shen said, Yu Chun was relieved. In fact, she believed in Lu Yuxuan very much. From childhood to adulthood,pumpkin seed extract, her brother was pure and kind. He had been studying hard all the time. As long as there was no accident, Lu Yuxuan would surely become a useful person in the future. By the way, Jiayin told me that when she and Mr. Liang came to our wedding, she would bring her father and brother to take a vacation. I promised her that I would receive her at that time. If it's convenient for you, you can also send an invitation to the Lu family. Yu Chun learned from Lu Jiayin that Lu Guoan had promised to come to C City. She was so excited that she didn't sleep all night. How lucky she was. Even in such a situation, at the most important moment of her life, her family would watch her go to happiness. Shen Jing thought of another thing and nodded repeatedly. "What you said is that since you have been angry with Mrs. Liang,lutein and zeaxanthin supplements, I will definitely send an invitation to Lu Guoan. I also want to develop projects in B city in the future. I will inevitably have to deal with the Lu family. It's good to get familiar with them in advance now." Although he disdains the alliance with other enterprises to stabilize his position, but now there is a ready-made relationship waiting for him to maintain, if not moved by it, it would be foolish. At the same time, Liang Zhao and Lu Jiayin and Liang Yibei are watching the movie, this kind of cartoon story is very simple, after all, to take into account the children's understanding ability now. Liang Zhao likes to watch shooting movies, American action movies or disaster movies, like this kind of cartoon, he is really not interested, but now it is really time to enter the role of father ahead of time, it is impossible to take Liang Yibei and his future baby to see disaster movies when they are still very young? You still have to adapt to this kind of cartoon in advance. Liang Yibei and Lu Jiayin are watching with relish, after all, this technology is still very good, akba boswellic acid ,pumpkin seed extract, two people while eating popcorn while watching, completely ignoring the side of the strong support to cheer up to see the animation of Liang Zhao. This movie hall is not very big, a row also seven or eight seats, sitting next to them are two girls and a boy, in the film has not yet started, the two girls see Liang Yibei is very cute, but also gave him soft candy to eat. In fact, the combination of two girls and a boy is still very strange. It can be seen that the girl with long hair and the boy are a couple, and the girl with short hair and the girl with long hair seem to be best friends, and they have a good relationship. Lu Jiayin touched her chin and wondered what this long-haired girl was thinking about, going out to the movies with her boyfriend and bringing her best friend. She used to have such a good relationship with Zhao Zhen. When she was in love, she sometimes asked Zhao Zhen, who was alone, to have dinner together, but Zhao Zhen almost never promised to come, saying that she wanted to keep a distance from her boyfriend. Someone like Zhao Zhen is a real conscience bestie. But now there is no lack of that kind of "girlfriend". Bastard soaked in sugar water-bestie. The girl with long hair probably invited the girl with short hair together, but when the couple watched a movie, the girl with short hair, as her best friend, actually agreed to a threesome, which is also worth pondering.
While Lu Jiayin was watching the movie and thinking about it, the girl with long hair got up and whispered to her very politely, "Sister, please let me go out." Lu Jiayin and Liang Zhao both turned sideways to give way to their positions, and the long-haired girl hurried out with her waist on her back. She should have gone to the bathroom. Just when Lu Jiayin was ready to devote himself to the film, a scene that made people's three views explode appeared. Short hair girl actually got together with the boy, Lu Jiayin glanced past, the two people actually kissed, although soon separated, but was still seen by Lu Jiayin, Liang Zhao and Liang Yibei. Lu Jiayin and Liang Zhao looked at each other, and for a moment the amount of information was too large, and both of them were a little confused. On the contrary, Liang Yibei was more calm. He turned his head and continued to look at the big screen. Lu Jiayin thought, maybe children are not very clear about this complex relationship, it is better to be a child, at least not to have the trouble of "whether to remind long-haired girls or not". After a while, the girl with long hair came back. She continued to put her head on the boy's shoulder, smiling sweetly and whispering. The two of them laughed happily. It's really frustrating. Next, Lu Jiayin's mind was not on the movie at all. She hesitated to tell the girl with long hair that her boyfriend had an affair with her best friend. This kind of thing is very bad just to think about it. It's just what position does she have to tell the girl with long hair. Some people have complained on Weibo before, saying that it's better to keep silent when it comes to this kind of thing, because the parties will not thank themselves, and in the end they are not people inside and outside. She is not a friend of this long-haired girl, at most a passer-by, just meet by chance, is it necessary to tell her? Until the end of the movie,best green coffee bean extract, Lu Jiayin was still hesitating. Liang Zhao was probably thinking about it and didn't say much. At the end of the show, Lu Jiayin held Liang Yibei and Liang took care of them. She noticed that the short-haired girl and the boy were not there. It was estimated that she had gone to the bathroom. The long-haired girl was standing in front of the pillar playing with her mobile phone, smiling all over her face. She didn't know what she was so happy to see.
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